Jens de Smet dies after collapsing on pitch during football game


Jens de Smet dies after collapsing on pitch during football game

Jens De Smet from Maldegem collapsed on the pitch during a football match and later died at the hospital. De Smet played for FCC Filosoof, a cafe team that plays its home matches just across the Dutch border in Eede. “The second half was underway and our opponent had just scored," said teammate Benjamin Buysse.

“Suddenly Jens sat down on the ground and not much later he lay down in the grass. Some teammates rushed to him and it was immediately clear that it was not okay. Someone started CPR on Jens and we immediately called an ambulance.

When emergency services arrived, they took over CPR. A little later they took him to the hospital in Bruges. A day later we got the news that Jens hadn’t made it…”

Teammates couldn't believe de Smet was gone

“Jens had never had any health problems.

It’s so unreal that he’s gone now. One of the next few days we will all get together to give this news a place. But it is clear that our head is not focused on football right now," one of his teammates said. De Smet's scary situation resembles the one of Christian Eriksen.

Denmark's Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during the Euro 2020 after suffering a cardiac arrest but he was able to make it. “We spoke this morning [Sunday]. He was making jokes, he was in a good mood, I thought he was well,” Eriksen's agent Martin Schoots said the following day.

“We all want to understand what happened to him, and he does too: the doctors are making some in-depth tests, but we’ll need some time. “He was happy, because he understood how much love he has around him.

He received messages from the whole world. And he was particularly struck by those in the Inter environment: not just his team-mates who spoke to him in their private chat, but also the fans. “Christian won’t give up.

Him, and his family, want to make sure that everybody receives their thanks. Half the world contacted us, everyone was worried. Now he only needs to rest, his wife and parents are with him. “Even tomorrow [Monday], he will remain under observation, maybe Tuesday as well.

But in any case he wants to support his team-mates against Belgium”. Six months after the scary situation, Eriksen returned to training.