Juventus in a new financial scandal related to the transfer of Ronaldo

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Juventus in a new financial scandal related to the transfer of Ronaldo

Juventus' ilegal actions are still the central theme of the European, and primarily Italian, press. The financial police and the inspection have been looking for the papers for days in search of evidence of embezzlement, and among them is an alleged "secret document" which contains hidden details about the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United.

A few days ago, the Milan newspaper Gazeta delo Sport announced that the public prosecutor would call Cristiano Ronaldo for questioning due to the latest events at Juventus, which aroused suspicion in the public that the Portuguese footballer was in some way connected with irregularities in the club's work of his transfer to Old Trafford.

Practically from the first day of the investigation, a "secret document" has been mentioned in Juventus offices, which, as it is stated, "essentially should not exist" and people from the prosecution have not found it yet.

It became known that the people in the club were put to "measures", ie their conversations with their closest associates were legally tapped. Corriere di Torino reports that the competent authorities intercepted the conversation between the sports director of Juventus, Federico Cherubini, and the club lawyer Cesare Gabazi, which dates from September 23 this year.

In that conversation, one can allegedly hear Gabazi say that he "talked to the president", probably referring to Andrea Agnelli, about "executing a fake transaction" where he still "would not cross the border much" so that the whole procedure would not hit people in the head because "that maneuver wouldn't help much with alignmenting books."

The dialogue between Cherubini and Gabazzi referred directly to Ronaldo's transfer to Manchester United. The specialized agency Guardia di Finanza, which operates under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, recently published information that the police and inspection, in addition to Juventus' offices, also looked in Gabazi home.


As it is stated, none of the examined witnesses in this procedure wanted to confirm the existence of the disputed document, and Maurizio Arrivabene, one of the new directors of Juventus employees this summer, said that he was "not aware that the document exists or where it could be hidden."

In the eventual further proceedings, Gabazi, together with Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved, would be considered as suspects, while Cherubini is still being conducted as a witness.
The reason why this document is so important is due to the suspicion that through Ronaldo's transfer, Juventus "ironed out" financial books in order to report operating losses of 209,000,000, instead of 240,000,000 euros.

Juventus is accused of announcing Ronaldo's transfer to United for 15,000,000 euros - with bonuses of a maximum of 8,000,000 euros - in fact "presented information that is different from the truth" which is actually a nicely packaged formulation to accuse people at the club of financial embezzlement because it is suspected that there are items that were intentionally hidden ...

The biggest problem for the competent institutions is that, despite the grounds for suspicion, they are currently not able to prove everything that Juventus is accused of. Therefore, finding a famous document would probably put Juventus in an unenviable position ...