A young assistant referee left the match due to heart problems


A young assistant referee left the match due to heart problems

Young athletes are facing a serious problem that has been creating big problems lately. We could hear a lot of news talking about the heart problems of athletes, from football players Eriksen to Aguero and other famous athletes who have had great success in what they do.

Is the problem a sport that has reached such a level that players have become "robots" whose bodies cannot withstand so much effort, or is it still a problem in a vaccine that "anti-vaxers" believe is the cause of everything before? We do not want to go into the nature of such problems, but it is obvious that a certain cause must exist.

It is likely that research will be done soon to find out what the key problem is and how to prevent such things. One of those who has experienced a similar problem is young assistant referee Helen Edwards. Namely, Helen Edwards felt heart problems during the match between the women's national teams of Serbia and Germany in the World Cup qualifiers, where Germany convincingly celebrated


She felt unable to continue the match, so she left the field, and was replaced by her colleague, Helen Conley, who was the 4th referee at the time.

Conley continued her work, while Helen had to head to the hospital The match continued, and Helen had to go to the hospital for testing to determine the cause of her heart problems. However, it seems that the matter was not as dangerous as expected, and that she left the hospital after numerous tests.

"She is conscious, has complained of malaise and is on her way to the hospital in coordination with the medical service and emergency doctor," said DFB spokeswoman Anne Seitz. Edwards was replaced by Fourth Official Helen Conley.

The interruption caused spooky moments in front of the 1604 spectators. We hope that things will not be dangerous and that Helen will come out of this even stronger, and continue to do the job she has done so far. FIFA and other sports organizations will have to work as much as possible to raise awareness of the importance of such things, and to prevent such things by making heart tests as frequent as possible, and to monitor the development of the health of their athletes.

Of course, this does not have to be a guarantee that such things will not happen, but it can certainly prevent several cases