Xavi does not want to punish Dembele by sending him to the stands

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Xavi does not want to punish Dembele by sending him to the stands

Barcelona is making great efforts to persuade Ousmane Dembele to sign a new contract and stay at the Nou Camp. The Catalans are eager for the French winger whose contract expires at the end of the season and to be a member of Barcelona in the coming years, but Dembele is still waiting and we'll see the outcome.

The people from Barcelona are so fond of Dembele that Joan Laporta stated that for him Dembele is better than Mbappe !? They are dancing around Ousmane Dembele, they are not stingy with nice words, all in the hope that they will win over the Frenchman.

Being in minus 135,000,000 euros just from the value of the transfer from Borussia Dortmund - and that would be the number they will lose if Dembele leaves the Nou Camp as a free agent this summer, and it will be a serious blow for Barcelona.

Who knows which one... It is not uncommon for clubs to "kick" players in the stands when they refuse to extend cooperation, and Ousmane Dembele has been doing that for some time. If the situation was not as it is, and that Barcelona is not in debt, it would be difficult for the French winger, who spent more time in the ambulance during his stay in Catalonia than on the field, to sell his tricks.

He would end up in the stands until the expiration of the valid contract.


Barcelona is cornered, so they agree to wait for Dembele, and while he is waiting, Xavi Hernandez has no dilemma whether the Frenchman should play.

His place is on the field when he already has a contract. Let him contribute, there is no point in sitting in the stands. "Should I send Dembele to the stands?" That is not my goal. If he has a contract, I think he has to play.

We need to think positively. He also has to play because of the club's reputation." "I don't appreciate the option of sending players to the stands, we are not thinking about that ", Xavi was direct when it came to removing Dembele.

Ousmane Dembele is ready for the duel with Real Betis (Saturday, 16.15) at the Nou Camp and for the decisive match for Barcelona in the Champions League - with Bayern at the Allianz Arena. Croatian duo Mektic-Pavic prevailed with a score of 7-5 6-1, making Novak Djokovic's dreams of returning the cup to Serbia vanish after 11 years "It's okay, he is 100 percent physically ready. He seems happy, he is training ... Tomorrow I will decide how we will play ", Xavi is concise.