Zlatan Ibrahimovic ruined Ed Woodward's plans

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic ruined Ed Woodward's plans

The biography of Zlatan Ibrahimović "I am Zlatan" was published in 2011 and in the first three months, more than half a million copies were sold. It has been translated into 27 languages ​​and has aroused great interest in the world of football.

Now it's time for the second book about details from the life of the Swedish football player, one of the best strikers of all time. "Adrenaline" was written by the journalist of Gazeta Dello Sport, Luigi Garlando, and in an interview for Corriere della Sera, the 40-year-old Milan striker talked about certain parts of the book a few days ago.

About his father, marriage to Helena Seger, collaboration with Fabio Capello, Luciano Moggi, and Massimiliano Allegri, about the desire to come to Napoli .. Among other things, Ibrahimović reveals that he offered himself to Paris Saint-Germain last summer for the role of sports director.

In the summer of 2021, I offered myself to PSG, not as a player, but to be the sports director. I invited Nasser al Khelaifi and offered him: If I do not extend my contract with Milan, I will come to PSG and return the structure to your team.

Nasser laughed. , but he didn't say 'no' " The Swede explained why, however, he decided to continue playing. "I liked the challenge, but it didn't diminish the feeling of fear and panic at the thought of ending my football career.

I would go to Paris, watch the team train and ask myself a thousand times, 'Why did you stop?'" Ibrahimovic, who played for PSG from 2012 to 2016, states that he has no problem with the current sports director of Paris, Leonardo.

Moreover, he claims that he likes the Brazilian and reminds that he brought him to the club. "I don't blame him, but I know the difference between us. I don't ask, I demand." The anecdote about how he signed for Manchester United in 2016 is also interesting.

Manchester United anecdote

In the introduction to that chapter, Ibrahimović explains that the negotiations were long and that the final agreement was waiting in Monaco, in the house of his manager, the famous Mina Raiola.

The Italian persuaded him to be patient, but since there were no calls from England for days, he decided to take matters into his own hands. "I went to Instagram and wrote, 'My new club will be Manchester United.'

"Mino wanted to kill me," the experienced goal scorer recalled. He then had to explain to the then executive director of Manchester United, Ed Woodward, that Raiola had nothing to do with his announcement. Of course, to apologize to future employers.

It's just my fault. Mino Raiola has nothing to do with it. I lost patience, that's all. It seemed to me that I was standing in quicksand and I tried to do something to move forward, not thinking about the consequences."

"If the deal goes wrong then that's right, we'll let it fail. I'm the one who made a mistake, I apologize once again." He then explained how Woodward reacted. "You ruined the plan for the promotion worth 5,000,000 pounds, he told me.

They planned a surprise campaign and a promotion with special effects a la Hollywood. And I ruined it all by posting on the social network," Ibrahimovic wrote.