Fabrice N'Sakala collapses on pitch during Turkish league game

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Fabrice N'Sakala collapses on pitch during Turkish league game

Besiktas defender Fabrice N'Sakala collapsed on the pitch in August during a Turkish Super Lig match and was rushed to the hospital. N'Sakala collapsed on the pitch in the 70th minute of the game against Gaziantepspor and moments later was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

“The early reports have shown that he’s in better condition and doing quite well,” the club said in a statement, and thanked well-wishers for their concern. N’Sakala tweeted a picture of himself on a hospital bed, smiling while having tests.

Last month, N'Sakala told his story. “I didn’t understand anything”, N’Sakala now adds his story The last hour. “I started coughing, my breath was completely cut off. Suddenly I also started throwing up, lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

I thought my life was over. It felt like I was being strangled. Why? How? I have no idea. Because I felt really good and fresh”. Even after countless investigations, he was none the wiser."

The doctors found nothing abnormal in N'Sakala's health

“The doctors have performed all possible tests and found nothing abnormal.

There may be a connection with the heat, the second corona jab I had received shortly before is also an option. But those are just hypotheses”. The N'Sakala scary situation followed what happened at the Euro 2020 when Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch.

Like N'Sakala, Eriksen was taken to the hospital and luckily survived the scary situation. “We spoke this morning [Sunday]. He was making jokes, he was in a good mood, I thought he was well,” Eriksen's agent Martin Schoots said the day after the scary situation.

“We all want to understand what happened to him, and he does too: the doctors are making some in-depth tests, but we’ll need some time. “He was happy, because he understood how much love he has around him.

He received messages from the whole world. And he was particularly struck by those in the Inter environment: not just his team-mates who spoke to him in their private chat, but also the fans. “Christian won’t give up.

Him, and his family, want to make sure that everybody receives their thanks. Half the world contacted us, everyone was worried. Now he only needs to rest, his wife and parents are with him. “Even tomorrow [Monday], he will remain under observation, maybe Tuesday as well. But in any case he wants to support his team-mates against Belgium”.