Brexit is slowing down Ralf Rangnick's visa

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Brexit is slowing down Ralf Rangnick's visa

Bureaucracy as a problem for Manchester United. Michael Carrick will also sit on the bench of the English giant in the derby with Arsenal on Thursday since Ralf Rangnick has not yet received a British work permit, so he will have to wait before he starts working.

The club hopes to sort out all the paperwork in time for Sunday's clash with Crystal Palace at Old Trafford, but against Arsenal, Carrick will sit on the bench and work probably under the guidance of the new boss. Although Carrick did his part of the job correctly, he defeated Villarreal with 2: 0 and took United to the group stage of the Champions League, and then took a point in the derby match with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Now follows Arsenal, the team of Mikel Arteta looks significantly better than in previous seasons, they have recorded four victories in the past five matches, except for the debacle away against Liverpool (0: 4) and broke into fourth place in the table with West Ham.

It should be said, however, that the Gunners have lost quite smoothly this season to both Chelsea (0: 2) and Manchester City (0: 5), but United, at least under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has not acted as a team that can compete with the strongest in the Premier League.

Everyone can't wait to see what Rangnick's first moves will be, so local Manchester Evening News is already speculating that Donnie van de Beek could be the biggest winner of the coaching change, as he is ideal for the role of the central midfielder in the 4-4-2 formation for which Nemanja Matić - as it is estimated - is too slow.

Status of the players

The status of Bruno Fernandes is also in question because there is allegedly no place for such a player in Rangnick's system. Of course, these are all media speculations, and it was unlikely that they had the opportunity to peek into Rangnick's head in England.

However, there is increasing pressure on the club management to get rid of the salary of Jesse Lingard and Paul Pogba, when the former is not a starter, while the Frenchman has been keeping the possibility of leaving Manchester open for years.

In March, at the age of 29, his contract expires in the summer, Mino Raiola will surely ask for huge money both for the player and for himself, the question is whether Pogba justifies such an investment. At the same time, the competent authorities will decide whether Rangnick deserves his job.

Namely, after the UK leaves the European Union, foreign coaches automatically get a visa if they have been sitting on the bench of a first division club for a minimum of 36 months cumulatively - or 24 months in a row. In that period, Rangnick spent only 11 months as a coach in Leipzig, because he spent most of his time in director positions, so United now has to prove to the independent commission that he is a strategist of "the highest caliber" who will "significantly contribute to the development of English football"