Emil Palsson's darkness: after cardiac arrest

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Emil Palsson's darkness: after cardiac arrest

At the age of 28-year-old, Emil Palsson was in danger of dying on the pitch during a match in the second division of Norwegian Soccer. He went into cardiac arrest, fainting and collapsing under the eyes of his teammates. The heart of the Icelandic midfielder stopped for a moment, but was revived thanks to the timely help of the medical staff on the sidelines.

Palsson was then flown to a nearby hospital for further treatment and under close medical supervision. The case of the Icelandic midfielder joins other news that in the last few hours have turned the spotlight on the physical conditions and health of the players, after that happend at Euro 2020 to Christian Erikseen and some weeks ago to Sergio Aguero.

Shortly after the incident, the club said: "Emil Palsson suffered cardiac arrest in the 12th minute of play. Palsson was successfully resuscitated and then flown to Haukeland Hospital for further examination and treatment."

"Palsson is alive and being examined by the best at Haukeland Hospital. There will probably be no further information tonight. I expect we will know more tomorrow morning," Sogndal event manager Inge Heggestad told VG newspaper.

Dimitri Lienard's illness on the field: he only had a sore throat

During the French Ligue 1 match between Lyon and Strasbourg, which ended 3-1 for the hosts, Dimitri Lienard, 33-year-old Strasbourg midfielder, just minutes from the final whistle of the referee, collapsed to the ground losing the senses.

His game had started early in the second half, when he replaced Anthony Caci after the break on the 1-0 result for Lyon. During the race he never showed any problems, until the first minute of recovery on the 3 initially assigned.

Immediately after collapsing on the pitch, the medical workers intervened and immediately loaded the player onto a stretcher. The midfielder was unable to get up and the worst was feared for several minutes. According to reports from Strasbourg manager Julien Stéphan, Lienard had suffered from a severe sore throat during the week, but everything seemed to be over.

According to the French newspaper l'Equipe, the player regained his sanity a few minutes later and would now run no risk. Julien Stéphan after the match said: "He joined us in the locker room and told us he was feeling a little uncomfortable.

He did some tests and he was fine. We will make a very clear and precise diagnosis to determine what happened. People competent immediately took care of him, he is recovering slowly, but he is recovering. "