Dilemma between Keane and Carrager: "Ronaldo (doesn't) have to play?"

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Dilemma between Keane and Carrager: "Ronaldo (doesn't) have to play?"

The reality is quite clear. Chelsea is currently a better team than Manchester United, and that was crystal clear in Sunday's derby. Again, Jorginho's big mistake allowed United to take the point to Manchester, and probably precisely because there was no defeat, British public turned to - Cristiano Ronaldo.

More precisely, on the decision of Michael Carrick to start the game with the Portuguese on the bench, and this time to give an advantage to Jadon Sancho. Quite enough to cook in the Sky Sports studio. United legend Roy Keane and celebrated Liverpool stopper Jamie Carragher were paid to give the spectators a topic for discussion, but this time they seem to have understood each other personally.

Like Ronaldo, who, after entering the game instead of Sancho, the goal scorer for United, immediately rushed to the locker room. So, is it ok to have Ronaldo on the bench? Or does he have to play from the first minute? "He has to play.

Ronaldo is not a player to enter as a joker, he probably froze on the bench. Ronaldo did not return to Manchester United to sit on the bench ... What is the purpose then?" "He is a top player, his statistics are OK, he scored some goals, assisted.

That idea that he will now close opponents? He won't. Sometimes you have to work for a superstar." "I played with people who don't do what you would like - with the Cantona of all this - but you forgive them because they give the decisive goal in close matches."

"Ronaldo must be in the starting 11 ", Keane spoke about his former teammate and added that there is no question that the Portuguese needed a break, because Villarreal did not squeeze United, and the next match is only on Thursday.

Carrick made the decision after all, and now everyone is waiting to see what it will look like when Ralf Rangnick sits on the bench? "No, I don't think that Rangnick will create a problem for himself immediately upon arriving at the club by leaving Ronaldo on the bench.

But the idea that Ronaldo has to start every game and play every minute - I don't think so, "Jamie Carragher turned the story in the opposite direction. Quite simply, Carragher thinks that Ronaldo, at the age of 36, must accept that he will be among the reserves someday, "Ronaldo is not the player he was.

Obviously, he still delivers goals, but I don't think we should talk about it at all if Ronaldo doesn't start the game from time to time or take him out of the game." Keane had something to complain about. "Not every game, Jamie, but this was a big game for Manchester United.

I would forgive a game of the group stage of the Champions League when we know that United will definitely pass" " But when you see Ronaldo in the parking lot, you see a player who won everything, and of course he wants to play.


Other players

True, but everyone else wants to play? "They will, but they are not world-class players! They haven’t scored 800 career goals. Even today, when you watch the game, and United is bad, you still think: "Okay, but if the ball falls in front of Ronaldo, it is that he is 36 years old, but still Ronaldo ..."

It's not that he hasn't scored goals since he returned." "It’s not that he doesn’t have the speed or that he looks awful. That story that he can't put high pressure ... ", Keane remained vague, which Carragher immediately saw as a chance.

"But he can't put high pressure, can he?" Keane blazed. "He hasn't been possible for five or six years! I said when he came that he would not solve United's problems. But you don't bring Cristiano Ronaldo to sit on the bench."

"Of course he won't play everyone, but this is Chelsea, you play on the counter, maybe you'll get a ball or two in the opponent's penalty area and you don't play Cristiano Ronaldo? "Did Marcus Rashford put high pressure?" Keane answered.

And here we come to the main question, why did United bring Ronaldo in the first place? Again conflicting views of the guests. "They brought him because they were afraid he would go to Manchester City, so they brought him.

There was no plan to bring Cristiano Ronaldo." "They only brought him not to go to the City ", said Carragher, but Keane did not give up, but he persistently repeated that when he arrived, he had to play. Carragher disagrees.

"Isn't it the right of the Manchester United coach to leave Ronaldo on the bench? In the end, they took a point from Stamford, the guy who played instead of Ronaldo scored a goal. "