Max Allegri: "This team is not for the title, the top 4 is the reality"

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Max Allegri: "This team is not for the title, the top 4 is the reality"

Hardly anyone could have imagined two days harder than these at Juventus. Some news appeared about financial malversations in Juventus, and after that, they suffered a defeat. After 14 rounds, Juventus is in an almost unprecedented situation because they already have five league defeats, and the place that leads to the Champions League is already seven points away.

If something does not change, the Old Lady could easily be left without a place in the elite competition, which could be disastrous in an already difficult financial situation. Max Allegri could hardly have imagined such a scenario when he returned this summer after the dismissal of Andrea Pirlo.

Clearly, after a new failure, the public is looking for an explanation ... "What was the problem tonight?" Our game. As was the case against Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, and Milan. We barely managed to create a chance, although Atalanta didn't threaten much either ", says Allegri and continues: "We have growing anxiety, we do everything in a hurry, and when there is no goal, nervousness grows even more.

Now we have to look for a way to make a continuum of victories. " One of the main topics in Italy is the situation in the club while the papers are being combed and the story of possible embezzlement ... "The team isolated itself to the maximum from these stories, today President Angeli talked to the boys.

He gave a beautiful speech, the situation in the team is calm. The club will solve the rest. "

Champions League

The man who dominated Italian football in the first term with Bianconeri says that this team is also great, but ...

"I said that before the start of the season, I will repeat now - this Juventus team is excellent and has its qualities. I have a lot of confidence in these guys, but when things don't go well, we can't score a goal."

"Is this the strongest Juventus team? It is rumored that this team should win the title, but I can say that there are mistakes in the assessments. This is a team that should fight for a place among the four best in the league.

" Allegri still admits that the reality is completely different ... "We have to be realistic and accept that we deserve to be where we are (eighth place in Serie A). If we are realistic, then we can take the pressure off and then try to get the most out of it."

"When we don't score, we lose a little calm, coolness, cynicism in the penalty area. But we need to stay calm because we have players like Dybala, Chiesa, Morata, McKennie, and others who know how to score goals. "