Barcelona have two options: Ferran Torres and Anthony Martial

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Barcelona have two options: Ferran Torres and Anthony Martial

The news of Ferran Torres' alleged desire to leave Manchester City this winter resounded like thunder from the clear sky. In support of that information, there was an addition that the director duo of Barcelona traveled to Manchester on Friday and opened negotiations with colleagues from City in order to find a formula for the transfer as soon as possible.

However, the faster the news resonated, the faster the talks between the two sides ended. All relevant media in Spain write that Manchester City asked for a sum between 70,000,000 and 80,000,000 euros at the meeting on Friday, and it's not that Barca don't have money, but the possibilities are not even close to the lower limit.

Barcelona allegedly tried to find a solution, to stretch the financial part of the acquisition to as many installment and years as possible, but even that is not something that attracts people from City who are not forced to sell Ferran, despite the Spanish national team player's desire to return home.

Which he clearly conveyed to Pep Guardiola. Manchester City put Barcelona in an unenviable position. It is already almost clear that there will be nothing from this transfer in January, and what will happen next summer primarily depends on whether Barcelona will have enough money in the coffers to finish the job.

Barça hope that by the end of January, something concrete could change Catalan Sport writes that Barcelona's first idea was to bring Torres on loan with the option or obligation to buy in installments, but that idea quickly fell into the water.

Barcelona then tried with compensation of 50,000,000 euros, which City also refused due to the clear distance of 20,000,000 and 30,000,000 euros. The door is not completely closed, only now it is far more realistic to finish the job only in the summer.


That is why Barcelona's leaders used the trip to Manchester in order to direct their attention to a new potential solution - Anthony Martial. The Frenchman is not the first Manchester United player to be on Barca's wish list, as the first idea is Edinson Cavani, and Jesse Lingard is reportedly in the game.

Martial has lost starter status since the arrival of Jadon Sancho and Cristiano Ronaldo, playing only 357 minutes in all competitions. He did have problems with the injury, but he was not in the foreground with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the question is whether he will be with Ralf Rangnick as well.

Therefore, Barca believe that Martial would be more accessible as a solution Recall, the new coach Xavi insists on bringing the wings, while the sports sector is looking for a classic "nine" due to the health condition of Sergio Aguero and weak games of Luuk de Jong and Martin Braightwaite, which left Barcelona's attack on Memphis Depay as the only valid option.

Martial extended his contract with United until 2024, but he definitely did not justify the label of the new Thierry Henry when he came from Monaco for 60,000,000 euros in 2015.