Luis Ojeda's death: what is known about the cause of the illness?

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Luis Ojeda's death: what is known about the cause of the illness?

On April 26th, 2021, the Argentine player Luis Ojeda died suddenly. The UD Las Palmas club, where he played in the youth academy for two seasons from 2017 to 2019, paid tribute to him with a minute of silence in the match against which Espanyol played.

"We are struck by the sudden death of Luis Ojeda Suárez. UD Las Palmas expresses its deepest condolences to his family, his friends and the entire yellow family," the club wrote from its Twitter account. In a touching letter, Ojedea's girlfriend.

Lola Ortiz wrote: "I can't stand the idea of ​​never seeing you again. I know many people wonder what happened. Luis is no longer with us. I am completely devastated. I don't know how to deal with such a thing.

April 23 is It was the saddest day of my life. The person I wanted is gone with all my soul. And now he's gone. My heart is shattered. I can't stop thinking about his angelic face, his eyes and the way he talks. Thank you family for all the messages." The sudden death of the young man is probably due to an illness of which the causes are not known, but it is just one of the many cases that in recent months are affecting young sportsmen throughout the world.

Rune Coghe and the heart attack after the vaccine

On 7 August 2021, 18-year-old Belgian soccer player Rune Coghe collapsed on the pitch.

The young man suffered a heart attack on the Royal Dottignies Sports field. He was saved thanks to the reflexes of the referee and several players on the field, including RDS manager Alex Depraetere. Alex Depraetere said about that day: "We were playing in the 30th minute when Rune collapsed near the corner post.

But the referee quickly realized it wasn't just a shock or a minor injury." "The more time passes, the more we worry," said the man who saved the boy's life. Despite everything, the fear was very great for all those present on the pitch and for the crowd that attended the friendly match.

Several people helped Rune before the emergency response was as swift as it was effective. The young man owes his salvation to the good reflection of the various people present on the lawn. He was then taken to the hospital where his condition was visibly stabilized.

But this is only the latest in a long series of illnesses in young sportsmen, who collapse during competitions or who are diagnosed with heart disease following the administration of the anti-covid vaccine, in some cases the link is evident in others from verify but the frequency of these cases in recent months has been increasing.