Rune Coghe and the heart attack after the vaccine

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Rune Coghe and the heart attack after the vaccine

On 7 August 2021, 18-year-old Belgian soccer player Rune Coghe collapsed on the pitch. The young man suffered a heart attack on the Royal Dottignies Sports field. He was saved thanks to the reflexes of the referee and several players on the field, including RDS manager Alex Depraetere.

Alex Depraetere said about that day: "We were playing in the 30th minute when Rune collapsed near the corner post. But the referee quickly realized it wasn't just a shock or a minor injury." "The more time passes, the more we worry," said the man who saved the boy's life.

Despite everything, the fear was very great for all those present on the pitch and for the crowd that attended the friendly match. Several people helped Rune before the emergency response was as swift as it was effective. The young man owes his salvation to the good reflection of the various people present on the lawn.

He was then taken to the hospital where his condition was visibly stabilized. But this is only the latest in a long series of illnesses in young sportsmen, who collapse during competitions or who are diagnosed with heart disease following the administration of the anti-covid vaccine, in some cases the link is evident in others from verify but the frequency of these cases in recent months has been increasing.

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European Parliament votes against European Soccer SuperLeague!

As revealed by Sky Sport, European Parliament voted on a report on sport policy in the European Union which underlined the importance of a "European model of sport that recognizes the need for a solid commitment to the integration of the principles of solidarity, sustainability, inclusion, open competition, sporting merit and fairness, and consequently strongly opposes splitting competitions that undermine these principles and endanger the stability of the sports ecosystem in general.

to sport and national authorities should promote these principles." The results of this report saw 597 votes in favor, 36 against and 55 abstentions. The vote therefore makes concrete what was asked of the European Union a few months ago by the Culture and Sport Commission.

So, they voted against the Soccer SuperLeague. However, it is a text that does not have the value of law nor does it represent a directive, but it is a starting point in the event of future debates within the European Commission.

News also welcomed positively by Emilio García Silvero. The director of Fifa's Legal Services Division said: "The European Parliament report clearly confirms that the work FIFA is carrying out to reform the transfer system is on track and is also essential to shape the football of the future.

it must be based on the principles of good governance and solidarity of all the people involved."