Antonio Conte confident he will revive Tottenham

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Antonio Conte confident he will revive Tottenham

There is still talk in England about the shameful performance of Tottenham against Mura. Antonio Conte said that he would need time to create a good team but in fact, it was only after the bad game in Slovenia he realized how far his team lags behind the biggest rivals in the Premier League.

However, no matter how difficult the task was before them, the Italian expert believes that he can repeat the successes achieved with the previous clubs. "I have never been afraid of challenges. Having a one percent chance of success is enough for me.

I have never taken over teams that were champions a year earlier. I have always raised them, throughout my career," Conte said in an interview with SportWeek. The new Tottenham manager reminded where his previous teams were when he took them over before leading them to the title.

"Juventus finished in seventh place, Chelsea in tenth, Inter in fourth. I know it will take a little patience this time. It is never easy when you take a job while the season is in progress."


The Italian admitted that he was bothered by the epithet "spender" and revealed who is the only football player he asked the management to bring him.

"I always laugh when I hear that clubs spend a lot because of me. In fact, they make money. All the players I coached have reached a great price." "Lukaku is the only footballer I asked them to sign. Inter directors came to my home and told me that they want to break Juventus' dominance.

I told them that Lukaku's arrival was crucial." "In the end, he was sold for twice as much money, just like Hakimi, "Conte reminded, and then continued in the same tone. "I could talk about Barela, Bastoni, or Lautaro, who were not standard starters before I came.

At Juventus, I had the pleasure of playing with Barzagli, Bonucci, and Chiellini who did not win anything before I came. I earn as much as I am worth. , how much I produce and win. The value of a professional is confirmed by his history and the results he has, "concluded the Tottenham coach.

This time he will have a much more difficult task, but he seems to like difficult tasks. Conte is aware of how big problems there are in Tottenham, but he does not want to give up his ideas and philosophies with which he could revive Tottenham. It will take time, but we are sure Conte can do a lot.