Former president of Lokomotiv Moscow: "Rangnick is a mercenary"

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Former president of Lokomotiv Moscow: "Rangnick is a mercenary"

Arrival at Old Trafford has not been made official yet, but it is almost certain that Ralph Rangnick will take over the Manchester United bench. Six-month cooperation has been agreed on the position of temporary coach, while in the summer, the German should take over the consulting role in the sports sector.

Less than half a year ago, Rangnick came to Moscow's Lokomotiv to head the sector for sports development, but his mission in the Russian capital was short-lived. While waiting for Lokomotiv to approve the German to open a new chapter in his professional career, the former president of this club, Nikolai Naumov, spoke for the Russian media and did not have a nice word for Rangnick.

"It's not just about Manchester. For Rangnick, it's not an escape, a betrayal, or a disgrace. He's a mercenary," Naumov told the Russian TV station Mach, and immediately continued to express no positive attitudes: "He absolutely doesn't care about football, he just does business around him.

And the more countries, championships, and clubs he covers, the more he will earn." "He is completely indifferent to Lokomotiv. He did not come here to raise the level of football, but to take money. "


Naumov claims that Rangnick does not care where he will work, as long as he receives adequate financial compensation for that.

"Now he has been offered money elsewhere, so he and his entourage will go to United. When he is offered a job in Africa, he will go there to make money, leaving his position at United." When he reached an agreement with the Rossoneri in the summer of 2020, which later failed, the German negotiated to ask about practically everything - to be a coach, sports director, head of the scouting service, and youth school.

"I don't believe that United will give him a free hand. As a coach - yes, he is a specialist with a lot of experience. But I doubt that in the role of consultant he will get the opportunity to buy and sell players as he pleases.

We will see what happens to Rangnick for six months. " Unlike Naumov, the media in England, having in mind his history of work in the Red Bull talent factory called Leipzig, greatly emphasize the positive contribution that the German could make to Old Trafford.

Especially in terms of reviving young forces such as Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Scott McTominay ... Praise and positivity are emphasized due to the fact that the 63-year-old was a role model for Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsmann, at this time, with Hansi Flick, the best German coaches.