Koeman wants to sell Suarez

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Koeman wants to sell Suarez

It's just amazing how it will end. With how much anger will the club and the player who gave each other so much part. But Barcelona under Josep Maria Bartomeu has never been a club with a "family atmosphere" He is too big a politician for something like that.

And so we came to the moment when Barça from the club in an ugly way forced the third on the list of the best scorers in the long history of the club. The front pages of almost all Spanish dailies today deal with the status of the Uruguayan striker at the Camp Nou stadium.

"Maximum pressure" "Tension." These are roughly the words that describe the current moment in the Catalan giant. And Suarez considers it quite unfair that the club management, through the new boss Ronald Koeman, told him not to count on him for the next season.

Moreover, even though Suarez starts training with the first team, when the work gets serious, he is pushed aside. Unacceptable situation for such an ace. That is why Suarez will not go if the club does not pay him the last year of his contract, with the proviso that he would be extended for another season if the Uruguayan played 60% of the games for Barcelona.

The club does not intend to pay him that and is pushing him to Juventus, which has already prepared a net salary of 10,000,000 euros in Turin.

Lautaro Martinez- New striker?

And Koeman in unpicked grapes. He did not remove Suarez from the team, but found such a situation.

And he hoped for Lautaro Martinez, and there is less and less chance that Blaugrana will manage to bring him from Inter, which is why Madrid's Marco states that it is not impossible for Suarez to stay. Strictly from a football point of view, that would seem to be the most logical solution.

Because it is unlikely that Blaugrana will find a better collaborator with the Messi. Since Suarez played his first game for Barça on October 25, 2014, the two of them have scored 478 goals together, or 52.64 percent of all Barcelona goals!

Messi 280, Suarez 198, all of Barcelona 908. They just clicked! And it sounds a bit surprising, but it's true: Suarez scored more goals for Messi than Messi Suarez. To be precise, Suarez assisted Messi for 47 goals. Messi is registered as an assistant with 39 goals by Suarez.

You will hardly find such a tandem in modern football. But in vain everything. Bartomeu decided to spoil that too. Fans are also dissatisfied with the overall situation at the club and if things like this continue to happen Bartomeu could leave his current position as director