Stefano Pioli signs for 3,000,000 euros per season

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Stefano Pioli signs for 3,000,000 euros per season

He did not stay anywhere longer during his career. And he will stay as it seems much longer. Milan is the only club that Stefano Pioli led in a three-digit number of games, and it could easily happen that after 106, as many as there are after the visit to Madrid, he will join "Club 200" in the future, since everything is ready to extend the cooperation.

The expert, originally from Parma, and the management of Rossoneri agreed on the details of the new contract, and as a well-informed Italian media report, the officialization is expected by the end of the week. Maybe already on Friday, because after the victory over Atletico, the moment is ideal.

The leaders of the seven-time European champion highly appreciate Pioli's work and are ready to reward him, bearing in mind that his current contract expires in the summer. According to the new law, instead of the 2,000,000 euros he currently earns, he will basically receive 3,000,000 euros, with bonuses, depending on the trophy and (or) placement in European cups.


The duration will be limited to June 2024, as they estimated at San Siro that this is enough time for the former strategist of Inter, Lazio, and Fiorentina to try to bring Milan the Scudetto, which has been waiting since 2011.

"I feel harmony in the club. There is multiple connections, empathy, and respect between me as a coach, managers, and the environment. We have to continue on this path, because only constant work, ideas, and quality can make a difference."

"The signature will arrive, it's close ", Pioli was sweet-spoken after the celebration at the "Wanda Metropolitano "stadium, which returned his team to the placement for the eighth-finals of the Champions League.

Pioli sat on the bench after parting with Marco Giampaolo, managed to raise the team, return him to the Champions League after eight years, is now the leader of Serie A and despite the fact that he may not have a big star - except for Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Olivier Giroud - he looks compact.

And that is the merit of the coach. Especially if it is known that, since he arrived in Milan, he only had all the players at his disposal once. Either due to suspension or injury. And that's where his ideas can be seen. And therefore - a new contract.

It was obvious that Milan offered him to continue the cooperation, because no one had done such a great job for a long time