The Portuguese excelled in the Champions League

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The Portuguese excelled in the Champions League

Although Portugal had everything in their hands and they could solve everything in Ireland, it was as if there were problems in the locker room, which in the end cost them a defeat by Serbia and placement in the playoffs for the World Cup.

No one doubts that the Portuguese with the quality they have will be participants in the next World Cup, but they could have done it much earlier Still, their players excel in clubs The first one is Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored against Villarreal - his 799th in his career!

- led Manchester United to the spring in the Champions League. He is not a player like he was, but along with Robert Lewandowski and Sebastian Ale, he is the only one who has scored a goal in every match in the elite European competition this season.

It just sounds incredible that 530 teams have played in the Champions League since its founding and that Ronaldo scored more goals than 488 of them! Exactly 140 Ronaldo's goals in the Champions League. Jose Fonte, two years older, showed that the years are nothing more than the number right after Ronaldo.

Less than a month before his 38th birthday, the Portuguese defender stopped the scattered attackers of Salzburg and led Lille to the minimum of 1: 0, and raised the French to first place in the table of Group G.


Two more Portuguese talents shone on Wednesday.

Pedro Goncalves brought the hope of Sporting's fans that he could be Ronaldo's successor in the camp of the Lisbon Lions, as he paved the way to a 3: 1 victory over Borussia Dortmund with two goals. The last Sporting football player to score two goals in two consecutive Champions League matches was Ronaldo.

The popular Pote scored 10 and assisted for another goal in 12 games in the Champions League, championship, and cup this season. The whole story was completed by Bernardo Silva, with his amazing game in Manchester City's 2: 1 victory over Paris Saint-Germain.

He didn't make a mistake in any of the 47 passes, he masterfully put the ball down to Gabriel Jesus for a comeback, he came all the time like a wasp attacking the Paris defense even when the ball was in their feet It is obvious that Portugal has one of the strongest teams, although they do not show that on the field.

However, every team has a bad period, so we have no doubt that they will get out of the crisis and go to the biggest goals at the World Cup in Qatar.