European Parliament votes against European Soccer SuperLeague!

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European Parliament votes against European Soccer SuperLeague!

As revealed by Sky Sport, European Parliament voted on a report on sport policy in the European Union which underlined the importance of a "European model of sport that recognizes the need for a solid commitment to the integration of the principles of solidarity, sustainability, inclusion, open competition, sporting merit and fairness, and consequently strongly opposes splitting competitions that undermine these principles and endanger the stability of the sports ecosystem in general.

to sport and national authorities should promote these principles." The results of this report saw 597 votes in favor, 36 against and 55 abstentions. The vote therefore makes concrete what was asked of the European Union a few months ago by the Culture and Sport Commission.

So, they voted against the Soccer SuperLeague. However, it is a text that does not have the value of law nor does it represent a directive, but it is a starting point in the event of future debates within the European Commission.

News also welcomed positively by Emilio García Silvero. The director of Fifa's Legal Services Division said: "The European Parliament report clearly confirms that the work FIFA is carrying out to reform the transfer system is on track and is also essential to shape the football of the future.

it must be based on the principles of good governance and solidarity of all the people involved."

Max Allegri: "Sorry to have taken 4 goals, but the result was achieved"

After the sensational 4-0 defeat to Chelsea in the 5th day match of the UEFA Champions League 2021/2022, the Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri spoke at a press conference, analyzing what went wrong in the match.

The two clubs had already qualified for the round of 16 from the previous matches, and now, despite having the same points, Chelsea has every chance of winning the group due to the difference in goals. Allegri said: "We had a good first half, then in the second half they continued to play and we took the second and third goals lightly.

We are sorry to have conceded four goals, but the goal has been achieved and we need to focus on Saturday game (against Atalanta - ed.). In the first leg we played a completely different game and we were much more attentive to the defensive phase in the 90 minutes.

Tonight we did it for 45, then we gave up a bit and in fact we conceded goals. The team nevertheless hit the target two days early. In some moments we lost too many balls, trying to verticalize immediately and instead we had to keep the ball a bit.

On this we need to improve , because the opponent's strength is remarkable and in these matches you have to be good at slowing down. In the first half I'm happy, then in the second we went into distrust and at 3-0 the game ended.

I congratulated the boys for the pas wise of the turn. We had not become the strongest team in Europe after winning with Lazio, we need balance and we have to work on our limits. Through these evenings we will improve."