Ibrahimovic: "Every morning I feel pain, adrenaline heals me"

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Ibrahimovic: "Every morning I feel pain, adrenaline heals me"

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi got the status of the best players of the 21st century, Zlatan Ibrahimovic got the recognition that he was the only one who could stand with Ronaldinho, although his ego or something else did not allow him to win the trophy as the two first mentioned.

Zlatan is simply Zlatan. And he enjoys it. He doesn't know any other way. He doesn't want anything else. But he knows that even as a 40-year-old, he is not ready to stop. Although in an excellent interview for the Guardian he admits ...

"Not easy. "Every day when I wake up, everything hurts," the Milan goal scorer says for a reputable British newspaper and immediately adds - he will not give up because of the pain. "I will play as long as the adrenaline makes me ...

I don't want to wake up in a year or so and stop and say to myself, 'You could have done a little more, you felt good.' I better leave when I’m completely done and say, ‘I can’t do it anymore.

But I can still. " And he can. On Saturday, he scored two goals against Fiorentina and set up the third. Milan under his command looks better than ever in the last two years. This was not expected from a player who went "across the pond" three years ago, many considered him to end his career with the last lucrative contract.

Ibrahimovic is simply not like that. "It's not a point in contracts or fame. I don't need that. The only thing that keeps me going is the adrenaline rush. Because every morning everything hurts me." "You will not cure that pain if you still get two new followers on social networks.

Money won't heal you. Attention will not heal you. What will cure you is adrenaline ", explains the Swede.


Explains ... "I do not have a problem with suffering. I eat my pains for breakfast. But many people do not understand what it means to suffer, because the new generations, with all these platforms, can get praise with little effort."

"Earlier generations had to do a lot to get just a little attention. I am very proud to be old school." He admits, however, that these new generations are rejuvenating him at San Siro. "They have a Benjamin Button effect on me.

In six months, your hair will darken here again ", Ibrahimović laughs, pointing to the gray hair of the journalist. "I am proud that the boys are taking on more and more responsibilities, their mentality is changing.

That is my happiness today. That's my adrenaline. To go out and run as much as they do." "I have been doing that for 20 years, they tell me: "No, Ibrahimovic, you have to stop." I think differently. I do it because when these young guys see me they say, ‘After everything he’s done he’s still working.

So I have to. '" "It's not manipulation, it's a good example ... I'm not a dog that barks and doesn't do anything. I am the opposite. When I was here for the first time (from 2010 to 2012) we were a team of superstars.

We are now a team full of talent, the youngest in Europe. And yet we are on top. It is a different project. I fulfill it. You are expected to succeed with superstars. This was not expected. "