Alexander Zverev brings Paulo Dybala to Bayern Munich?

Zverev asked if he will remain with the Bianconeri for the next five years, a question to which Dybala replied: Maybe

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Alexander Zverev brings Paulo Dybala to Bayern Munich?

After the final of the ATP Finals in Turin, which saw Alexander Zverev triumph with a double 6-4 against the reigning champion and number two of the ranking Daniil Medvedev, the German met Paulo Dybala at Pala Alpitour, who congratulated himself on the victory and gave him his own jersey.

The two-time Finals champion had a chat with Juventus number 10, asking him about his future and joking about the Argentinian's potential future at the Bayern Munich (a team of which Sasha is a huge fan). In a decidedly positive season, which saw Alexander Zverev conquer the Olympics and the Finals, as well as two Master 1000s (Madrid and Cincinnati) and two ATP 500s (Acapulco and Vienna), the German proved to have definitively reached the level of the most strong, winning all six finals played this year.

In the tournament held in Turin Sasha beat Djokovic and Medvedev between the semifinal and the final. In the last act against the number two in the ranking, the German tennis player also did not concede even a break point, with incredible service efficiency.

The Russian himself, at the end of the game, declared that Zverev is ready to enter the fight to win a slam next year. During the celebrations for the trophy conquered in Italy, Zverev was the protagonist of a curtain with Paulo Dybala.

The Argentinian champion, out with injury in his latest Juventus victory at Lazio, congratulated the 24-year-old player in English, to whom he gave his number 10 jersey in exchange for the ATP Finals cup. La Joya (Paulo Dybala nickname - ed.) has made an appointment with Sasha in Turin for the next five years, giving some clues about his future. In fact, Zverev asked if he will remain with the Bianconeri for the next five years, a question to which Dybala replied: Maybe.

The winner of the Finals finally joked with the Argentine champion, proposing that he go and play at Bayern Munich, his favorite team, and talking about his past as a very young man in the world of soccer.

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