Six potential names in the race for the Manchester United bench

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Six potential names in the race for the Manchester United bench

The auction has started, British media are flooded with articles about Mauricio Pochettino's interest in leaving Paris Saint-Germain in order to return to the Premier League, this time on the Manchester United bench. And no matter how unrealistic it may seem at the moment, sheiks don't like people being kidnapped, the fact is that in the coming weeks we will have a bunch of texts about who will succeed Ole Gunnar Solskjer on the bench of the famous club from Old Trafford.

Pochettino's name is currently in focus, as evidenced by the fact that the Argentine is the first favorite in terms of betting odds. The tip that the former coach of Espanyol, Southampton, and Tottenham will finally arrive at United - who wanted him before - is at 2.90.

Two other well-known names in the Premier League are in second place: the chances of Michael Carrick, acting until the election of a new boss, to remain in that position are valued at 4.50, and the same stands next to the name of Brendan Rodgers, the current coach of Leicester, who also did a good job with Celtic and Swansea, but in Liverpool, he didn't really convince the football world that he was for the biggest stage.

Other candidates

Although in the meantime there were those who corrected such an attitude, Liverpool was not the club it is today. In the fourth place, perhaps the greatest wish of the fans, Zinedine Zidane, showed at Real that he can deal with the ego in the locker room, and even with Cristiano Ronaldo.

He is currently out of work, but he has reportedly already turned down United on the pretext that he is not yet ready to work in England, although the media speculate that his wife is not very happy to live in rainy Manchester.

The chance still exists, it's not small money, hence the odds of 10 on the Frenchman. Immediately behind him with odds of 12, the coach of Spain, Luis Enrique, won two Primera and one Champions League with Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthen the League of Nations with the renovated selection of the Red Fury, journalists do not like him especially, but admit that he knows football.

And he has authority, he once knew how to send Lionel Messi to the bench, and for that, you need... Courage. In the end, two outsiders with a quota of 15, Ralf Rangnick accepted the role of the sports director of the Moscow Lokomotiv earlier this year, and it seems that he is slowly directing his career in that direction.

Laurent Blanc is the second outsider, he works at Al Ryan, he has not been on a serious level since he left Paris Saint-Germain in 2016, and his name is slowly fading. We are waiting for the decision of the responsible people from Old Trafford. With the option to surprise us all?