Cristiano Ronaldo: Marketing trick or reinforcement?

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Cristiano Ronaldo: Marketing trick or reinforcement?

Ole Gunnar Solskjer was the wrong choice, perhaps not when he was appointed for a temporary solution, but certainly when a long-term contract was given to him. And everyone knew that, except the management of Manchester United, which proved its ignorance several times with wrong moves on the market because we should not forget that during Solskjaer's mandate, the club spent more than 300,000,000 pounds (above 350,000,000 euros) on reinforcements.

Not even three years later, you can't even see what they imagined at Old Trafford while spending that money, let alone putting it into practice. And while the public is having fun bidding on the name of the new United coach - it seems that Zinedine Zidane categorically said no, so the British media are now pushing Mauricio Pochettina to the forefront, even though he has a firm contract in Paris Saint-Germain - all candidates for that role will have to take into account that Solskjaer left them a team with amazing names, but without a system and vision.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the best example, because no matter how great he is - and only Lionel Messi can stand by his shoulder - it seems that the Portuguese's time is slowly passing and that he is increasingly becoming a problem, not a solution.

Yes, Ronaldo was able to impress in his second term at Old Trafford, he scored nine goals in 14 games, but five against weaker rivals in the Champions League (Young Boys, Villarreal, and Atalanta), while in the Premier League he "finished" Newcastle, West Ham, and Tottenham.

He also scored crucial goals against Villarreal and Atalanta, but as each situation can be viewed from several angles, it is legitimate to ask the question: why did United come to the situation that Ronaldo has to save them in duels against objectively immature opponents? During these three years, Solskjaer "slipped" at Old Trafford because, if nothing else, he was able to set up a block and catch a rival on the counter, so as to record some memorable victory against a really good rival.

City and Liverpool and Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain and Roma also suffered. Solskjaer had a problem against organized defenses when he was supposed to attack. And when Ronaldo arrived, he lost the only thing he had, so part of the British public rightly wonders whether CR7 was brought because he was needed from a football point of view or because he was a good catch in terms of marketing?