Tottenham defeated at the start of the season

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Tottenham defeated at the start of the season

New season, old problems. Tottenham does not play as expected of them, there is no aggression, and there has been no talk of any dominance on the field for a long time. Jose Mourinho will have to find a magic wand with which he will try to change the situation in his ranks and make Tottenham a serious candidate for a high ranking this season.

In a completely different situation is Carlo Ancelotti, who seems to have arranged the dice as he wished at Everton. His team beat Tottenham in London with a quality game and took three big points for Liverpool - 1: 0 (0: 0).

A bad game in the home team was punished by the excellent Dominique Calvert Lewin, who in the 55th minute unleashed his guards and with a strong header crowned the perfect cross by Luca Digne. That goal turned out to be enough for Caramel to win, considering that Tottenham did not manage to endanger Jordan Pickford's goal on many occasions until the end of the match.

First defeat for Mourinho For the first time in his career, Mourinho suffered a championship defeat at the start of the season. He has achieved 11 victories and seven draws in 18 starts so far, but that series was interrupted in the 19th season of the legendary Portuguese.

And he didn't succeed before that. Everything except Dele Ali's attempt in the 33rd minute is almost not worth mentioning. On the other hand, James Rodriguez brought Everton a higher degree of technical quality on the field, more talent, and football ideas, while Alan and Abdullah Doucoure provided solid maneuver and greatly relieved the last line of the team.

Everton immediately seriously threatened Richarlison with a great chance, and at the end of the first half, James Rodriguez also seriously threatened. A few minutes before the only goal in the game, the Colombian put Richarlison in a great position, but the Brazilian did not have his day tonight when it comes to the realization, although he was constantly a burden for Tottenham defenders.

Richarlison missed the last opportunity to join the scorers in the 72nd minute. Calvert Lewin could have scored the second goal in the very end, but his attempt was thwarted by Lloris. Caramels will have the opportunity to confirm tonight's celebration next weekend, as they will welcome West Bromwich Albion, while on the other hand, Tottenham will try to correct today's mistake away to Southampton.

The reinforcements were not as expected and this defeat will only increase the dissatisfaction among Tottenham fans. Whether Mourinho will succeed in motivating the team and rising to a higher level remains to be seen