Joshua Kimmich under sanctions by the club

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Joshua Kimmich under sanctions by the club

Bayern want to show that they are behaving as a socially responsible club and as such they must react appropriately to the appearance of non-vaccination among their players. There has been a lot of dust in Germany since one of the best players in the Bundesliga - Joshua Kimmich announced that he did not want to receive the vaccine.

He is one of the four players of the Munich club who did not receive the first dose (there are also Serge Gnabry, Jamal Musiala, and Eric Maxim Chupo Moting), but Kimmich is under the greatest pressure as a future captain and one of the leaders of this Bayern generation.

According to Bavarian law, according to Bild, the leaders of the club from Zebener Strass do not have the right to fine their players for avoiding vaccination (which they thought about at one point), but the same source states that they have the opportunity to sanction training absences due to guilt of the footballer.


The point is, therefore, clear: Bayern will deduct unvaccinated players who had to be quarantined from their salaries for a given period of absence. When it comes to Joshua Kimmich, having in mind his salary, which under the new contract has grown to 20,000,000 euros a year, that will be a serious figure.

Bild recalculated: two weeks without training will cost the 26-year-old midfielder 768,000 euros! In Munich, they explained to the players simply - yes, your right to choose exists, you do not have to be vaccinated, but also the club reserves the right not to pay you a salary for the period you spend in quarantine.

Apparently, there is even an idea that unvaccinated players will be banned from training with the rest of the team, and that would probably mean relegation from the starting 11. This refers to Kimmich and Gnabry, of course ...

There is no doubt that Bayern would inflict enormous damage on themselves with such a move, but the leaders from Munich are convinced that social responsibility is far above sports goals and results at a time when COVID takes lives.

We'll see if Kimmich decides to change things and get vaccinated anyway. It is very likely that this will happen because there are many examples in sports when players had to be vaccinated due to financial sanctions by the club.

Kimmich is perhaps the most important player of the Bavarian giant, and things like this could be a big problem for him.