Barcelona was left without Pedri until the end of the year

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Barcelona was left without Pedri until the end of the year

The trouble called Ronald Koeman has left the Nou Camp, but the worries never end. Xavi's return to Barcelona calmed the fans, gave them hope for a better tomorrow ... Problems of various kinds are still there, and they will follow Blaugrana until they start thinking more rationally at the club and make thoughtful moves.

According to the Spanish media, the new coach of Barcelona, ​​Xavi Hernandez, will probably not have Pedri at his disposal until January. The first player of the Catalan great, who has a release clause of a dizzying billion euros - later the same was put on Ansu Fati - renewed the injury of the quadriceps muscle of his left leg.

The billion-euro boy, to whom many predict stellar heights, complained of pain. He wasn't comfortable in training and his return to the field will be prolonged. It is obvious that they rushed unnecessarily in Barcelona, ​​took risks and that risk did not pay off for them.


The first forecasts were encouraging, it was predicted that the guy from the Canary Islands would take a break for about two weeks when he suffered an injury in the duel with Bayern Munich - a game played in mid-September - but the recovery is slow because they are impatient at the Nou Camp.

It can't dawn before morning. They did a disservice to Pedri, and to themselves. The talented midfielder, since full affirmation is expected in Barcelona this and next season under the baton of conductor Xavi Hernandez, will be absent from the field for almost four months at best due to the carelessness of the medical service of the Catalan team and other staff who did not put their finger on the forehead.

Considering that Pedri played 72 games last season and spent over 5,000 minutes on the field (including appearances for the Spanish national team in all competitions), it is clear that material fatigue and injury must have occurred at some point.

Now at the Nou Camp, they can only wait and hope. If they rush unnecessarily again, it won't be a surprise if Pedri's return is delayed again. This will be another bad piece of information for Xavi, who will try to recover Barcelona, which is in the biggest trouble in the last 50 years.

Still, Barcelona have a lot of talent and a January transfer window where they have to try to change certain things It will be very difficult, but not impossible