PSG would lose a lot of money even if Mbappe's contract is extended

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PSG would lose a lot of money even if Mbappe's contract is extended

We are all looking forward to January 1st when Kylian Mbappe will have full freedom to be able to negotiate with other potential employers without the permission of Paris Saint-Germain about a transfer that would once again shake up such a shaky ground of football Europe.

That is why we can hear about many news regarding the status of Mbape and whether one of the best football players of today will stay in Paris or turn a new chapter in his career. As his contract expires in June, his eventual transfer without Eurocent compensation would represent a huge loss for PSG, although almost 200,000,000 euros were comfortably rejected from Real Madrid this summer, which means that the French club consciously took the risk.

In the midst of everything that is happening, especially because PSG and Mbape cannot agree on a new contract and the amount of the salary, the question was how much would it actually cost the Saints to extend the cooperation? The answer is - a lot.

PSG has used the "advantages" of the French payroll tax regime in its previous dealings with Mbappe, which was the case in Monaco, but it would be more profitable for the club to extend the contracts with Neymar or Messi than the winner of the 2018 World Cup.

"Impatriation", which is valid for foreigners for five calendar years, PSG saves about 25 percent of the money in the name of salary expenses, for example, Neymar. It is the same with Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi now, while, for example, Angel di Maria went out of that framework, since he has already extended his contract so that it goes beyond a five-year period.


What does all this mean for Mbappe? Given that he is a domestic player, his contract does not enter the "regime d'impatriation" system, which means that PSG would have to set aside as much tax for 30,000,000 euros in net salaries!

In total, therefore - 60,000,000 European banknotes. According to the law, PSG would have to set aside certain "social benefits" in the amount of eight or nine percent of the salary. In Paris, they have already complained to the UEFA authorities several times because they believe that it is a high fine, especially for such sums of money.

If we take that amount as eight percent, it is 4,800,000 euros. On top of all that, Paris Saint-Germain would have to pay a huge amount of money to Monaco in the case of Mbappe's new contract in the name of the agreement reached at the moment when the fast-footed offensive player was crossing to Princes' Park.

If Mbappe signed, a clause would be activated that would guarantee Monaco a secure 35,000,000 euros from the next sale. In this case, they will not receive a percentage of the transfer, but safe money. Why is this important? After the rejection of 200,000,000 euros, Paris Saint-Germain has now turned the tables, so they would offer Mbappe a one-year contract, just to avoid his departure without compensation.

The Blancos are ready to wait for January 1 and the chance to close the business of the century even then, without the interference of Paris Saint-Germain.