Mauricio Pochettino furious at the press

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Mauricio Pochettino furious at the press

Almost a year on the bench of Paris Saint-Germain. Trophies less than expected (French Cup and Super Cup), loss of the title, fall in the semifinals of the Champions League, but also a precious team formed this summer that raises hope that the Saints will climb to the roof of Europe.

And during all that time, the public's objections are that the club from Princes' Park have no identity and they are not recognizable. Just after such a statement, Mauricio Pochettino started talking, convinced that the reality is different and that his team can do a lot.

Thus, he responded to the remark of the team's journalists, that PSG does not have a formed style, a little critically. "It seems to me that your question is a lack of respect. It would be like someone (a journalist, op. Cit.) telling you that you have no style in writing.

Of course, you built it, you are a professional and that is why you ask me questions ", explained the Argentine. He tried to explain in more detail, in a much more conciliatory tone. "Every coach, from amateur to top-level, has style.

It is built, developed, shaped, depending on what he wants, what his methods and associates are." "My professional staff has a defined style, philosophy, and ideas. In addition, the question is when, at what point, you want to present what you stand for.

And that again depends on the club's request, which we talked about earlier. "


Pochettino has been coaching for 13 years, PSG is his fourth club in the Five Leagues, he has collected more than 500 games. "If you look at what I did in Espanyol, Southampton, or Tottenham, you can see which style I like.

Also, if you see how Tottenham played in my first and last season, it is clear that it was not the same." "We have developed a strategy that has brought us to a high level, "added Mauricio Pochettino. It must be admitted that there is much truth in what Pochettino said.

Of the clubs that do not belong at the very top of football, he made the clubs that were really successful He was particularly impressive with Tottenham leading them to the Champions League final. However, it was obvious that Tottenham had a "small team complex" in such a game, so they almost gave up from the very beginning. Pochettino is not succeeding in PSG, but there is still time for things to go as they should.