Real Madrid "targeted" three great players for the summer

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Real Madrid "targeted" three great players for the summer

The big clubs make economic plans much in advance, so they will be ready for the transfer window That is more than half a year left until the June "market", but Real Madrid is already practicing financial "gymnastics" in order to bring the three players they have set as the most important targets for the summer.

The first pick is Kylian Mbappe, the second is Paul Pogba, and the third is Antonio Rudiger. What they all have in common is that they will be free in the summer. Their contracts expire and the Royal Club will not have to pay a single cent in compensation for them.

And only according to that item, as it is calculated, Madrid will save around 330,000,000 euros, which is the value of the three players now. However, it is far from the fact that Real will get the players at a small price.

The salaries of all three players will be really big, Mbappe will surely ask for the amount for which he will be the highest-paid football player of the club, somewhere in the amount of Lionel Messi in Paris Saint-Germain, Paul Pogba will not demand much less, only Rudiger could be easy to 'handle'

That is why Real Madrid must already prepare a "purge" in the team, which would prepare the space in the budget for the salaries of the three newcomers.


According to the Spanish ABC, the idea at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is to "relax" the club's budget during the summer by as much as 90,000,000 euros from the salaries of football players who are now in the playing staff.

Only from the three whose contracts expire, two-thirds of that amount will be released: Gareth Bale, who earns 28,000,000 euros a year, Marcelo, who has 16,500,000 euros a year, and Isco, who earns only a million less than the Brazilian, are leaving.

There is already 60,000,000 removed from Real's account. But more is needed. In order for everything to be balanced in the books as well, in order for UEFA to be satisfied as well. The transfer list will reportedly include Luka Jovic, who is said to have 10,000,000 euros in annual salary, Mariano with 9,000,000, Ceballos with 7,000,000, and Vallejo with 6,000,000.

Together with them, that total amount exceeds 90,000,000 euros in salary savings. Even that is not the end, it is unclear what the fate of Eden Hazard will be, but if he is also on the list for sale, it will be quite a saving, because the Belgian earns a phenomenal 28,000,000 euros.

Therefore, a complete reconstruction of Real Madrid is being prepared next summer, although June is far away, there are other clubs interested in the three goals of the Spanish giant. And while Mbappe's arrival at the Santiago Bernabeu seems like a sure scenario, Pogba has calls from Juventus, and Rudiger won't have a problem finding a new employer either.