Raiola revealed his plans for Pogba, De Ligt and Donnarumma

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Raiola revealed his plans for Pogba, De Ligt and Donnarumma

foThe January transfer period is approaching and it is time for managers to slowly start raising the price of their players. And no one does it better than Mino Raiola. The controversial agent thus used his guest appearance on Rai television to promote his precious catalog, in which the status of Paul Pogba at Manchester United certainly attracts the most attention.

His contract expires next summer, he objectively did not justify the price of 105,000,000 euros at Old Trafford, but again, it is not that he is not useful. And it would certainly not pay off for United to lose him without a dinar of compensation, although he is often criticized.

It has been rumored for a long time that he could return to Juventus, although the question remains whether the Old Lady has the money for such a business. So, Mr. Raiola? “Pogba at Juventus? December is the month of dreams and I can't stop anyone from dreaming about it.

But it is better not to talk about it, it is too early for stories about the contract." "It's just that some former Manchester United players wouldn't be busy not talking about Paul and me," said Raiola, probably referring to Paul Scholes, who doesn't hesitate to get involved with Pogba.

De Ligt, Donnarumma and Romagnoli

It’s not just Pogba that’s interesting from Raiola’s clients though. There is speculation - the question is for how many reasons - that Matthias De Ligt could change the environment and leave Turin? "Will De Ligt stay at Juventus or leave? It's November, it's not time to talk about it.

We can talk about that in May ", Raiola calmly answers, aware that the Dutchman's contract expires only in 2024. Gianluigi Donnarumma's contract expires only in 2026, but the era of the Italian goalkeeper in Paris Saint-Germain did not start as expected, because Kaylor Navas is the first goalkeeper of Mauricio Pochettino.

And here Raiola is calm, because Navas is already 34 years old, and Donnarumma is only 22. "I don't know if rotating with Navas is a problem, but I am sure that everything will be resolved in a positive way for Donnarumma.

With time and patience, everything will be resolved. " In the end, a not-so-attractive name, although Alessio Romagnoli was expected to become one. There were bright and not so bright moments, but in the last year of the contract, Romagnoli in the competition of Simon Kjaer and Fikayo Tomori is no longer untouchable in the starting 11 Milan."

"Raiola, however, denies the possibility that Alessio will leave in January. "The transfer period starts in May. I don't know, we'll see. "