Erling Haaland: "I dream of being a rapper"

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Erling Haaland: "I dream of being a rapper"

Erling Haaland closed the last season with 44 goals scored, with Fußballclub Red Bull Salzburg before BVB Borussia Dortmund after. But he wanted to be able to break through by entertaining the crowd. Even if he hadn't become a soccer player.

In fact he made a curious and funny confession: "If I hadn't succeeded in sport, I would have been a rapper. I have to be honest: I hope, one day, to have a song among the hits of the moment in Norway! " Last winter Haaland had all the major clubs in Europe ready to welcome him.

However, he chose Dortmund, and, already on his debut he proved to be in a wonderful position, scoring a hat-trick as a substitute.

Erling Haaland about his dreams and hopes

With Borussia he can only grow further, collecting experience at the highest levels in the German Bundesliga and in the UEFA Champions League.

He said: "I think my father and I, in addition to the people around me, have worked well in choosing the new club. Managers made me want to go to Dortmund. I felt in the right place almost from the first. second. For this reason, day by day it has been easier and easier to perform, train, and be myself quickly.

For me this is important. The day I no longer enjoy playing football I will stop doing it, The first time I saw the yellow wall was during the warm-up. I remember I thought it was incredibly big. The atmosphere is incredible."

Meanwhile, as you can read in a previous article of our writer Sed Dedovic, the bells rang from Stamford Bridge, Kai Havertz arrived and officially became the most expensive reinforcement this summer in Chelsea's history, also the German footballer for whom one club set aside the most money!

After Bayer's announcement that Chelsea accepted the required financial conditions, Kai Havertz rose to unprecedented heights and entered the select company of those whose compensation had a minimum of nine digits. That is, at least 100,000,000 euros!

Although the fixed part is in the range between 80,000,000 and 85,000,000 euros, Bayer will get a difference of up to a staggering 100,000,000 European banknotes through various bonuses. In just a few months, Chelsea's expense account reached an incredible 223,000,000 euros, with Havertz's bonuses raising the same by another 20,000,000 euros, and that's not the end, because the signature of the new goalkeeper is still pending.

The German national team player admitted publicly that he came after Frank Lampard showed great interest in him and he simply could not refuse the relationship that this new Chelsea is trying to build with the players - full of understanding, trust, and sincerity.

By signing a five-year contract worth almost 100,000,000 euros, Havertz raised the expectations of the public to heavenly heights, but at the same time, he carried the burden under the weight of which much bigger football names than him fell.

Since the arrival of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea has become synonymous with a club that destroys any reinforcement with the prefix "record" Andrey Shevchenko 2006, Fernando Torres 2011, Alvaro Morata 2017, and Kepa Arizabalaga 2018.

All of them in their time bore that mark of the most expensive reinforcement in Chelsea's history, and none of them managed to cope with the frightening pressure.