England want to finish qualifications with a win

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England want to finish qualifications with a win
England want to finish qualifications with a win (Provided by Sport World News)

The situation in Group I has not been resolved, but it has also been resolved. It may sound paradoxical, but although in theory, England did not secure a place in the World Cup, a real miracle is needed to prevent that from happening.

Gordy Albion is waiting for the last round of qualifications from the top of the group and three points more than the Poles, and they will play against San Marino All respect to the San Marino national team, but it is clear that they cannot shake the European runner-up.

We have no doubt that they will try, but it will hardly be enough to avoid another convincing defeat. Everything except the dominant triumph of Gareth Southgate's selection would be a sensation (by that we mean a defeat with less than three goals difference - minimum).

Phrases like "the ball is round" and "everyone plays football today" simply do not drink water here. England had a few mistakes in the current qualifications - two to be exact. At first, at the beginning of September, they were left without a victory in Poland (1: 1), and then the Hungarians surprised them at Wembley last month (1: 1).

San Marino failed to make a historic result and reached the point in the qualifications, so the last round is waiting with zero. At least they can boast that they scored a goal.

Previous game

So, the English are waiting for the final match without a defeat, in which they essentially just need not to lose.

The previous duel was solved by the Southgate team as expected easily. They took the lead with 3: 0 after only half an hour of the game. Players who are not in the foreground in the England national team were scoring goals: Dominic Calvert Lewin scored two goals, James Ward Prowse and Ollie Watkins also scored.

Surely, Southgate will shuffle the cards again, and the English media are announcing the following line-up: 3-4-3. The Poles are left to beat Hungary (20.45) and hope for a miracle. Their chances of being placed directly in Qatar are measured in per mille.

However, there is no doubt that they will do everything to end the qualifications in the right way - with a victory. So they would tell themselves that they did everything in their power, but that the English were better in the end.

The Poles suffered only one defeat in the qualifications - at Wembley. They played above expectations, they didn't just waste points, but they will have to settle for a play-off.