Valeri Karpin: "Croatia played very well, because we allowed it"

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Valeri Karpin: "Croatia played very well, because we allowed it"

Russia has failed. They will have a chance to make amends, but when you look at the course of the qualifications and the 80 minutes of the match, it seemed that they could go directly to Qatar. This way, they will try to secure a placement through the play-off, since they lost to Croatia (0: 1) in the decisive match of the qualifying Group H.

And that with an own goal by Fyodor Kudryashov. "This is the hardest defeat in my coaching career. And - deserved. It is a shame that we stopped dozens of attempts by Croatia, and then scored an own goal." "We didn't do anything on the opposite side of the field, we were scared, we hid from the ball, we couldn't even develop a counterattack and in the end it ended like this."

"I do not regret a single moment because of the decision to play with five in the last line ", said Valeri Karpin, whose national team ended the match without hitting Ivo Grbić's goal. The guests mostly defended themselves, because a draw was enough for them.

They suffered tremendous pressure and it payed off for Croatia. "We said before the game that the national teams will play as much as the opponent allows them. Croatia allowed us a little bit and that is why we played like that ", added the selector when the Russian media deserved questions.

Why didn't Russia win? "We failed to get together with the ball. You can’t play to defend for 90 minutes. Croatia was doing crazy pressure and we couldn't avoid defeat."


How did you experience the atmosphere at Poljud? “Magnificent!

God forbid that every team always plays in this environment. It would be funny to say that the Croats celebrated because of that, the fans are not on the field, they could not help on the pitch, but we should definitely ask the host if the atmosphere helped them.

" What is the atmosphere like in the team after the defeat and what do you think about the field? "Catastrophic! What could it be like after the defeat? As for the field, at one point it became a swamp, but we cannot say that it is his fault that we did not play as we imagined.

" Why did you lose? "I told you yesterday, I will repeat now. Croatia played very well, because we allowed it. If we didn't, we wouldn't lose. " Have you decided who will be the captain in the future or will you change them again from match to match? "Do you really think I'm already thinking about who will wear the armband from March? I have not resolved anything on that issue yet, "Karpin added.