Breaking: Andres Iniesta wants to return to Barcelona!

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Breaking: Andres Iniesta wants to return to Barcelona!

Dark, then light at the end of the tunnel. Xavi Hernandez decided to stop wandering around Barcelona, ​​and according to his leadership, the famous club at least has an idea of ​​what they should look like in the near future.

And in order for the future to be bright, it is necessary to go back a step to the past. After hiring the legendary midfielder for the coach, the Catalans returned Dani Alves, with the Brazilian gaining the right to play in January, and the next move of the new head of the professional staff could be the hiring of Andres Iniesta.

With the remark, the current midfielder of Vissel Kobe would not come immediately, nor he will play, although a large number of football fans are convinced that in his late football years he is of better quality than the famous semi-finished products such as Gavi, Pedri, Ansu Fati ...

now he appears at the Nou Camp, everyone in turn could only clean his football boots. "I would like to return to Barcelona in the future. I am not sure at what point, however, I am in the mood to help in any form that does not involve playing, "explained Iniesta, when the contract with the Japanese is binding until January 2024.

Iniesta on Xavi

Then he will be on the doorstep of the 40th year and it is not realistic to expect him to help in La Liga and the Champions League at that age, but maybe as an associate in the professional staff or in the management structures, his help will be valuable.

For now, only words of praise are due to Xavi and his ideas that he is trying to implement in Barca. "Xavi has the ideal personality to be on the bench. He wore the captain's armband in the club and the selection of Spain.

He has turned different situations over his head and knows how Barça breathes. I don't believe that he will have any problems," Iniesta believes. Although, not everything is the same as before. When Andres played in the Blaugrana, he won the trophy, because the club has been missing Lionel Messi since this summer.

"I am still shocked knowing hat he is in PSG. I am sad that he did not finish his career in Barcelona, ​​however, that is life," added Iniesta. Barcelona seems to have a plan to build a new team with the help of old players who would be in the management of the club and manage the most important functions