The Norwegians are afraid of defeat by Latvia

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The Norwegians are afraid of defeat by Latvia

Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, Montenegro… None of these four football teams participated in the World Cup in Russia, but at least one of them will qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. The draw placed them together in qualifying group G, perhaps the most equal in Europe in this cycle.

Two rounds before the end, the four teams have a theoretical chance to play next winter in Asia. Although Montenegro is only mathematical, Norway must experience a debacle for the Falcons to reach the second position. Therefore, the other three selections have a real reason to hope for placement.

The situation is as follows: Netherlands leads the group with 19 points and is visiting Podgorica on Saturday, followed by Norway with two points less, but also an easy duel with Latvia at home, while Turkey has four points less than Netherland, and today they play against poor Gibraltar.

All this is just an overture before the uncertain last round, in which Norway will play against the Netherlands in Rotterdam in the match for first place and a direct visa, and Turkey will wait for the failure of one of the rivals to try to skip them with a victory in Montenegro.

and to have a place in the playoffs. Norway must not fail against Latvia. In terms of quality, they will probably win, regardless of the fact that they are without the injured Erling Haaland. Now, only pressure can tie the legs of the host in Oslo, because Norway has not participated in a big tournament for more than 20 years.

Sorloth about pressure

Leipzig striker Alexander Sorloth, who was on loan at Real Sociedad, also spoke about the public pressure. "My phone is on, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. Although I have to say that a lot of positive atmosphere was created in the media, so I'm looking forward to the game."

"We talked to each other about it, we are grateful for the support. I'm not dissatisfied, I'm just trying to get out of everything as much as I can." "Maybe all the public's attention means more to the fans, they will come to the game warmer.

However, we players are also aware that in case we do not meet expectations, we will have a slaughterhouse. It is always like that, it will be like that even now, "Sorloth said. The 25-year-old center-forward probably meant the criticism that his generation suffered after being eliminated in the playoffs for the European Championship, last year from Serbia.

At the same time when the match will be played in the capital of Norway, from 6 pm, Turkey will meet Gibraltar. It is by far the weakest team in the group, which has no points and a goal difference of 3:34. Everything except the convincing triumph of the Turks will be a surprise.