Maguire provoked the anger with his celebration of the goal

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Maguire provoked the anger with his celebration of the goal

Harry Maguire is in the spotlight again. England scored five goals against Albania at halftime, essentially secured a place in Qatar (theoretically not yet), Harry Kane scored a hat-trick, but the public in England is talking about the captain of Manchester United.

The reason: the celebration of the lead against Albania in the early phase of the match of the ninth qualifying round for the World Cup. Maguire reacted to Reece James' cross with his head, hit the ball hard into the net, and then covered his ears with his hands, then slid a few meters on his knees as if he wanted to address the critics who have talked about his games at the club since the beginning of the season.

Roy Keane, the former ace of the Red Devils, is now in the role of an expert consultant for Sky Sports, had something to say: "Harry thinks that by putting his fingers in his ears he will silence the critics. It's a shame because he has been desperate in the United jersey for the last few months."

" If he thinks that giving a goal will silence the critics, then that is pathetic ", the Irishman did not spare words. Ian Wright, a former Arsenal goal scorer, added to his statement, albeit in a much milder form: "There was no need for that."


Or maybe it is. At least from Maguire's point of view, since in the last 13 matches before that with Albania, the team conceded 23 goals with him in the team. And now that he was on the opposite side, he felt the need to breathe.

"No, no, that gesture was not dedicated to anyone. I just slid my knees on the grass, put my hands on my ears along the way, but I didn't want to say anything." "I am the captain of Manchester United, of course, I am exposed to criticism when the team does not go according to expectations, I expected similar comments, but what I did against Albania was not specifically addressed to anyone."

"Simply, when you wear the national team jersey, every goal is precious, especially if it opens the opponent ", Maguire reminds that with his goal everything started. Coach Gareth Southgate believes that there is nothing disputable in the defender's move, although his move is treated by some fans as irritating.

"I don't know to whom the message was dedicated, but I know that Maguire is a fantastic player, just a few months ago he was chosen as the ideal team for the European Championship." "Harry is a true example of leadership.

You have a lot of players who are hiding under pressure in the locker room, but Maguire doesn't do that and that's why he deserves my respect," Southgate concluded.