Borussia Dortmund ready to give 18 million a year to Haaland!

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Borussia Dortmund ready to give 18 million a year to Haaland!

In the summer, the release clause falls to "only" 75,000,000 euros. It is a great chance for Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Manchester City (mentioned as the biggest candidates) to bring in a top striker and secure the support of the offensive line for a whole decade, but Borussia Dortmund do not plan to just give up.

Moreover, they have an idea that they would have Erling Haaland at their disposal in the following seasons as well. The leaders of the club from Westphalia decided to break through all the limits, break down the barriers, and put before the Norwegian a draft contract that has never been seen since Borussia existed.

According to Bild, they are ready to offer him an annual salary between 16,000,000 and 18,000,000 euros! What kind of progress would be on the bank account of the 21-year-old striker is best seen by the fact that he currently earns "only" 8,000,000 euros.

When he came from Salzburg, in January 2020, it was agreed that in the first two seasons (spring 2020 and the entire competition 2020/21) his salary would be 6,000,000, and in the third, it would increase to the current 8,000,000.

Now, aware that they could be left without jewels, Borussia have shown a desire to go so far as to place Haaland hierarchically even ahead of Marco Reus.


The current captain earns 10,000,000 euros a year, and Erling could count on as much as 18,000,000.

For example, the last time he talked to the leaders about the extension of the contract, there was an offer worth 14,000,000 euros on the table, however, there was no agreement. Provided that they agree to improve the conditions, Erling Haaland would break all records when it comes to the salary in Borussia.

No one has ever had more than what is now offered to him. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the career of the great Norwegian is led by Mino Raiola. It is in the interest of the manager that the client changes his environment so that he can take a higher percentage for himself.

The assumption is that with Manchester City, Chelsea, or Real, he would be more competitive for the cups, and thus individual awards such as the Golden Ball. Before deciding to continue his career, another one awaits Erling Haaland.

Equally important. He is tied to Nike by a private sponsorship agreement, however, Puma offered him conditions that threw the young ace into a dilemma. And Puma is Borussia's technical sponsor. It is not a small number of those who believe that a transfer from an American to a German sports equipment manufacturer would enable Borussia to more easily bear the financial burden and afford to set aside 18,000,000 euros in the name of the salary for the team's first star.