AC Milan allocate 80 million for new contracts

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AC Milan allocate 80 million for new contracts

Paolo Maldini took the helm of the Milan sports sector three years ago. The beginning was proverbially turbulent, it took time for the giant to focus on the right course, and in the current season, they realized it was worth it.

Even if Milan do not become the Serie A champion in May (and is currently the most serious favorite with Napoli), they will welcome the next competition year with the armored backbone of the team. The Rossoneri management have saved 80,000,000 euros for the period until 2026 in order to extend the cooperation and increase the salaries of Theo Hernandez, Ismael Bennacer, and Rafael Leo, who have contracts until the summer of 2024.

That will be the gross costs of their contracts, based on which they can triple their earnings. It is clear that the biggest beast in the mentioned three is Hernandez, according to many, currently the best left-back in Europe.

Paris Saint-Germain never hid their desire to bring him, but this summer they decided to loan Nuno Mendes, so they could relax in Milan. Now the great man from the north of Italy wants to insure himself in the long run, and even if the Frenchman one day wants to go, he will pay dearly for his freedom.

Theo currently earns 1,500,000 euros per season, and Milan is ready to offer him 4,000,000 and to include potential bonuses in the story.

Bennacer and Pioli

Ismael Bennacer has an identical salary, and Rafael Leao has 100,000 less.

The two of them should jump to 3,000,000 each, also with the possibility of further earnings through a bonus. Step by step, the Rossoneri are growing. The goal is to extend the cooperation with coach Stefano Pioli, whose contract expires in the summer before the new contracts with Theo, Benmacer, and Leao are settled.

The idea of ​​Milan is to continue living with one of the best Serie A coaches and the man who brought the club the title of vice-champion of Italy and placement in the Champions League last season, and the current fight for the title, which has been waiting for ten years.

Previously, the contracts with the giant from San Siro were extended by Alexis Saelemaekers and Simon Kjaer. The club's strategy is not to repeat the cases of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu, who, in agreement with their agents, blackmailed the club by asking for astronomical salaries, and in the end left without compensation.

Frank Kessie followed their footsteps, Maldini will certainly not give him 9,000,000 euros and make him the highest-paid at San Siro, and he smells that the midfielder of the Ivory Coast will be the last Mohican from whom Milan will not see earnings, and whose price is estimated at more tens of millions of euros.