Chelsea have agreed a transfer worth 23 million euros: Atilla Szalai is arriving

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Chelsea have agreed a transfer worth 23 million euros: Atilla Szalai is arriving

It's not that this is a transfer that hasn't been talked about so far because it was mentioned in the previous weeks that Chelsea took a serious bite, but that the deal will be agreed so quickly, a few people expected.

And the media in England claim: Attila Szalai(23) will arrive at Stamford Bridge in the first days of the January transfer window! The Hungarian defender has been playing for Fenerbahce since January and until recently he was almost anonymous.

He started in Vasas, as a 15-year-old he went to Austria (Vienna Rapid), to record his first senior minutes in Mezokevesd, in his homeland. In the summer of 2019, he was bought by the Cypriot Apollon (400,000 euros) and after a year and a half, he was resold to the Turks for 2,000,000.

Only then did the wider football public hear about this guy. Today, after less than a year in Istanbul, the situation is as follows: Attila Szalai has a market value of 11,000,000 euros, and the English write that Thomas Tuchel arranged his arrival in London for, but for a significantly higher figure.

Reportedly, Fener will collect 23,400,000 euros! And that's not all. How much the German expert likes the corpulent defender, that is, his potential is also shown by the contract he will sign soon.

Chelsea's defensive line

According to the same sources, this is six-year cooperation worth 4,000,000 euros per season ?!

Although Chelsea's defensive line is doing really well this season (only four goals conceded in the first 11 games of the Premier League, two of which from the penalty spot), far from Tuchel having no reason to worry about that issue.

Thiago Silva's contract expires in the summer and he is definitely leaving, negotiations on the continuation of cooperation with Antonio Rudiger are in a big problem, and the situation regarding Andreas Christiansen is not the clearest either.

The Dane is also entering the final six months of cooperation in January, and although he recently told the fans not to worry, the fact that he can negotiate with other clubs from January makes Thomas Tuchel think ahead.

Attila Szalai is clearly the result of all this. The whole business is accelerated by the fact that Turkish clubs are in big losses, and Fener is the leader with an alleged deficit of as much as 600,000,000 euros. We'll see if it turns out to be the right move, given that for little money (by today's standards) they bring in a great defender