Patrice Evra described the incident with Neville and Suarez

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Patrice Evra described the incident with Neville and Suarez

Legendary French defender Patrice Evra spoke openly about the eclipses of consciousness he experienced during his career, in which he could even seriously injure his teammates, but also his opponents. One event concerned the training of Manchester United and the situation with captain Gary Neville, and the other the incident with Luis Suarez, after the racist outbursts of the Uruguayan in the clash with Liverpool in 2011.

The situation with Neville seems more incredible, considering that they were teammates and the Frenchman has a great opinion of Neville, but in his character, he obviously has boundaries that he does not cross. "I had a great relationship with Gary.

When I got to the club, he was the one who went with me, helped me find a house. What a great captain. But in training one day, I got the ball and he hit me and I stood on the grass and it was painful." "I told him, "Gary, aren't you going to say sorry? And then he cursed at me.

I was like ... OK." Some 20 seconds later, a diagonal ball went, he received the ball with his chest, and I made a move like Bruce Lee." "I punched him in the neck from behind and almost broke him. Ferguson stopped training, everyone went inside.

Rooney shouted: You're crazy! He could have died the way he fell. I just told him: Next time he will say - sorry, "said Evra. The Frenchman is convinced that after that, the locker room showed him more respect. "Then Gary came into the locker room and asked, 'What, are you crazy? I just said,' Gary, next time, just say sorry.

"It's really dangerous. After that, I got a lot of respect." "But I love Gary, he loved me because of the way I talked about United. Gary is really simple, if you love Manchester United he will be your best friend," Evra added.

The confrontation with Suarez was more on a vengeful level, so the Uruguayan could have suffered serious consequences in one situation, off the field, on the street in Manchester, where the former Liverpool player was with his family.

"One day I was walking with my two brothers and one said, 'Oh, there's Luis Suarez. I looked at him and thought,' This is it, this is the moment. He was walking, and behind him, I saw his wife and children."

"I turned my back and thought to myself: "If you want to do something to him, you can't do it to him in front of his family."

Suarez case

Evra said that he forgave Suarez, but he reveals that he still likes to quarrel.

At the game, where Suarez used racist words, self-control was key in the case of the French footballer. "I was proud of myself. I talked to myself: Should I hit him? But, Patrice, this is a Liverpool match against Manchester, the kids are watching the game.

People won't understand. The second half, it was a process, I was telling myself “You don’t do that”. You know when you have an angel and a devil on both sides: don’t do it, do it, don’t do it, it works."

"I wasn’t in the game. After the match, I sat down with Ferguson, who saw me and said: Patrice, what's the matter? You had a good match. Even on the court, I told the refere: : Did you hear what he just said? He called me "ni**a", but he replied: "Play, player, we'll deal with that later"

Alex Ferguson reacted protectively, immediately after the match he went to the referee with Suarez, who replied: "Yes, yes, Patrice told me." This was followed by a fierce response from the legendary coach: "Ferguson seemed to want to kill him, so he told him, 'So you were aware, why didn't you give him a red card?' After all, Evra forgave the Uruguayan.

"I don't feel any hate. I can't call Luis Suarez a racist, because I don't know him well enough to call him that, but he used some racist words that day," the Frenchman concluded.