Paolo Maldini does not want to have a contact with Raiola

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Paolo Maldini does not want to have a contact with Raiola

Three years after returning to the club, and two years after he took all the strings of the sports sector into his own hands, Paolo Maldini shows that he will help his club. After he managed to put together a team that is capable of fighting for the title, he went to work.

The departures of Hakan Calhanoglu and especially Gianluigi Donnarumma last summer without compensation seemed like a failure of the sports sector, but Maldini used the situation to break with the blackmail of players and their agents and to put the club above all interests.

Mino Raiola won this summer when he left Milan without a cent in compensation for Donnarumma and filled his pockets with provision, but in the long run, he will only pay the price for that move. At least as far as cooperation with the seven-time European champion is in doubt.

The most powerful agent in the world is obviously no longer a welcome guest in Milan. Gazzetta delo Sport reports that Raiola was expelled from the negotiations between Milan and captain Alessio Romagnoli regarding the extension of the contract.

Romagnoli's contract expires next summer, and Milan has set the condition that he can negotiate new cooperation only in person, without the mediation of Raiola. With a net salary of 5,500,000 euros this season, Romagnoli is the second-highest-paid player in Milan, behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Although he lost the starter position next to Kjaer and Tomori, the door is still open for Romagnoli to stay at the club, but under different conditions. In addition to having to negotiate without Raiola, the Italian defender will also have to agree to a drastic reduction in salary.

Milan is offering him a new contract worth "only" 3,500,000 euros a year.


Romagnoli is also reportedly ready to agree to all the conditions of Milan. He felt like collateral damage in the relationship between Milan and Raiola and that is why he decided to personally negotiate with the club and accept the offered conditions.

We will see how this will affect the negotiations between Milan and Raiola's most famous client, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose contract with the Rossoneri also expires at the end of the season. In addition to Romagnoli, Milan is also working on contract extensions for several other important players.

The most difficult situation is with Franck Kessie, whose contract also expires at the end of the season. The African midfielder has been in negotiations with the club about a new contract since this summer, but he had unrealistic demands and asked for a salary increase from the current 2,200,000 to 9,000,000 euros a year.

Milan is currently offering him 6,500,000 and the midfielder is asking for 7,000,000 plus 1,500,000 through bonuses. The agreement is still far away, but even in this situation, Maldini will not give in and risk "tearing down the locker room" with a big contract for Kessie. If the player does not agree to the offer, Maldini will let him follow in the footsteps of Calhanoglu and Donnarumma.