Franck Kessie is the main problem for Milan?

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Franck Kessie is the main problem for Milan?

Marcello Lippi promoted Milan to the main candidate for the championship title in Serie A. The trophy expert believes that the Rossoneri team is ready to win Scudetto and that the work and leadership of Stefano Pioli remind him of the way Carlo Ancelotti does.

Apart from Pioli, Lippi also believes that the role of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is very important. According to him, for Milan, Ibrahimović's influence on other players and instilling a winning mentality is much more useful than what Zlatan specifically does on the field.

"Ibrahimovic's great quality is that his teammates drastically improve their quality and value." By the way, this year's start in the championship for Milan is the best in history, and compared to the previous year, the Rossoneri won four points more after 12 rounds in Serie A.

However, in addition to all the good news and records for Milan, there are a couple of problems that should be solved as soon as possible. The first is the role of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede prefers to play the role of the offensive player rather than a classic center forward.

There is no doubt that Ibra has technique, great eye, an instinct for a new role, but the collateral damage is that he plays far from the goal and having in mind reduced mobility and speed, he rarely and harder gets the opportunity to endanger the opponent's goal.


To use a euphemism, Milan is not the happiest that Ibrahimovic responded to the invitation of the Swedish national team with the statement that he will play for the national team as long as they call him. Another problem is Frank Kessie.

So far, it has been said that Kessie is a great professional and that the fact that his contract with Milan expires does not leave a trace on his performance on the field and that certain mistakes or omissions are not a consequence of the unresolved relationship between the Ivory Coast national team and the club.

However, events on the ground have called that narrative into question. Kessi not only plays changeably and with big oscillations but also makes beginner fouls that cost Milan dearly: two yellow cards against Atletico Madrid at San Siro in the Champions League and a penalty over Hakan Chalhanoglu in the city derby are good examples.

Kessie lost a good part of the precision and concentration that adorned him last season. Is the reason for that the fact that he does not want to sign a new contract with Milan, because he already has a fabulous offer for a contract with a new team that he will be able to sign in February or that he did not spend a single day preparing with club friends since he played at the Olympics games for the national team or something third, is not entirely clear. It is certain that Kessie is not the one from last season.