Keane: "If your job depends on Fred, Shaw and Maguire you're in big trouble"

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Keane: "If your job depends on Fred, Shaw and Maguire you're in big trouble"

Problems never end. At this point, they seem unsolvable. It would take a long time for Manchester United to overcome the crisis. They experienced Premier League defeat. This time from the city rival City (0: 2), and now the last four duels in the championship played at Old Trafford, the famous club did not win.

And at the moment they are only fifth on the table. Although, the position is not so much trouble as the absence of the game. While many point the finger of guilt at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, his former teammate Gary Neville is one of the few who stands in his defense.

He shifts the responsibility to the players. "Heis under enormous pressure. The first thing that should happen in order to overcome the current situation is to have a braver team. Until the end of the previous season, the impression at Old Trafford was that Manchester was progressing, because they finished second in the championship."

"After the summer transfer window, everyone thought that appropriate reinforcements had been hired. It certainly wasn't the club's plan." "I know that some fans expected Solskjaer's dismissal two weeks ago because Antonio Conte was free at the time, but Manchester never wanted an Italian, because he was not ready for a change at all because he trusted Solskjaer all the time," the former defender said Moreover, Neville is sure that Ed Woodward will not reach for the change of coach.

Mostly because it is known that the executive director is leaving the club at the end of the year, and he would not like the last move to be the dismissal of the head of the professional staff.

Keane's statement

Because, whoever is the manager will certainly have his wishes, so in that vacuum, he hides part of the answer to the question of why the current strategist is still on the bench.

"I do not believe that United will change the coach during the season, unless the results become so bad, to the point it's unbearable. He is currently nine points away from Chelsea, and having in mind the quality of the playing staff, Manchester should not be so much behind the leader."

"No one hoped for this, nor did they expect United to fall so low in the early stages of the competition. Ole Gunnar will have a few weeks to solve the problem," Neville added. Roy Keane was more direct, he even names those who, in his opinion, are responsible for the crisis of the game and the results.

"I believe that now Solskjaer is under even greater pressure than after the debacle from Liverpool. I know what it's like to be a coach and if you go to a game, look back and see players like Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, or Fred get on the bus, and you know that your job depends on them, then you're in big trouble."

"They are all members of the national team: Shaw, Maguire, Baily, and Fred. Folks, Fred plays for Manchester United! Anyone who tells me that Fred is good enough to wear the jersey of this club must live in delusion." "Look at those players ... You don't know what you can get from them ", Keane shakes his head