Felix Magath disappointed with Bayern Munich's policy

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Felix Magath disappointed with Bayern Munich's policy

Bayern Munich is on its way to winning the jubilee tenth title in a row, the 32nd in the history of the club. For years, the Bavarians have not had serious competition in Germany. Maybe something will change in the future, especially in the case of the club that is owned by Red Bull, but it does not seem that it will be soon.

This summer, Bayern took Leipzig's coach(Julian Nagelsmann), captain (Marcel Sabitzer), and one of the best players (Dayot Upamecano). The club from the east of Germany collected from those transfers a huge 87,500,000 euros, but with their departures, they also dropped out of the competition for the title (after 10 rounds, Leipzig is in eighth place, with 10 points less than Bayern).

Borussia Dortmund is only one point behind, Freiburg three, but as Bayern play (38 goals scored, almost four per match), it is hard to believe that these teams will manage to maintain the connection until the end. In parallel with the Bundesliga, Bayern is playing great in Europe as well.

They have won the Champions League twice in the last ten years, and every season they are among the main favorites for the trophy. All that, however, does not impress the former coach of the Bavarians, Felix Magath, who condemns the club from Munich for a kind of monopoly on players in Germany.

"Bayern Munich is not football, it's just his version. The club don't produce anything, they just buy from others because they have the most money." "That's why they've been without competition for 20 years.

No one can approach them," Magath said


The main topic of the show was the new owners of Newcastle from Saudi Arabia, who made the English club the richest in the world. "It's just another example that everything in football revolves around money and has nothing to do with sports.

Things have been moving in that direction for a long time," said Magath, who brought Bayern two Bundesliga titles (2005 and 2006)and he was also the champion with Wolfsburg (2009). Interestingly, despite the critical attitude, the 68-year-old strategist points out that the condemnation of the commercialization of football is hypocritical.

"We make it too easy for ourselves. We all make a living from work, and investments are part of this business, they just need to be proportionate," he added. A lot of dust was raised when Qatar won the organization of the 2022 World Cup.

It is often pointed out that basic human rights are being violated in that country and that a large number of workers who built stadiums were killed due to bad conditions. "We all accepted Qatar. The football federations did not rebel, everyone wants to participate in that World Cup," Magath concluded.