Mourinho dissatisfied with the referees in the match against Bodo Glimt

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Mourinho dissatisfied with the referees in the match against Bodo Glimt

Jose Mourinho did not take revenge on Bode / Glimt for the debacle from two weeks ago, but he did not blame his players too much for the draw with the Norwegian rival. However, the Portuguese expert had something to say about the referees.

He earned a red card against Napoli because he was complaining. After the defeat by Milan, he did not want to comment so as not to get a suspension again, but tonight he complained again about bad refereeing As if the referees decided to provoke him in the previous weeks, or vice versa, anyway, Mourinho publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the mistakes of the main referee Papapetrou after the match with Bode at the Olympics.

"The reality is 2: 2, but the two penalties were clear as day. Clear as day. We can talk about what you want, but the reality is 2: 2. They had two shots on goal and scored two goals." "We scored two goals and we had two penalties they haven't seen ", assures the Roma coach at the conference after the match.


Mourinho questioned the quality of referees in the Conference League. In their defense, there is no VAR technology in the newly formed Uefa competition, so it is somewhat more difficult for them to assess controversial situations than their colleagues in two better European competitions.

However, Mourinho did not care about that. "I don't know if they bring bad referees to start their careers in the Conference League. I didn't say anything about the referees in Norway, because we lost 6: 1, but the two penalties here were clean."

As for the match itself, he had the most critics at the expense of the offensive trio. "This time I didn't feel we had problems, we controlled the match, Pellegrino and Solbakken didn't cause us problems like last time.

I didn't have backs who can attack." "If there was a problem somewhere, it was in the attack. Zaniolo, Abraham and Mkhitaryan. They made too many mistakes in passing and making decisions." "We struggled to score goals when we created chances, but I repeat once again, the referees are the ones who decided the match.

The players respected the jersey until the very end," Mourinho points out. Roma, although they had a good start, obviously not playing as in the beginning, and that they are in decline. Mourinho will have to take some concrete steps to get the most out of his team