The great Luis Suarez: Give Lewandowski the Golden Ball or I'll give him mine!

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The great Luis Suarez: Give Lewandowski the Golden Ball or I'll give him mine!

Voting is long over, but the story about the winner of the Golden Ball is heating up in the world football public. Although the tables with the votes have allegedly leaked, there is still speculation about who will be the final winner.

According to many reasons, Robert Lewandowski is the favorite, but some would like to see Leo Messi on the throne of the best football player in the world, some raise their hand for Karim Benzema, some for Mohammed Salah, and if you look at trophies and results, then the favorite should be Jorginho.

.. The only Spanish football player in history to win the Golden Ball believes that Lewandowski must receive the award for 2021. "Damn it! Give Robert Lewandowski the Golden Ball or I will give him mine! ", the legendary Luis Suarez said in a Spanish TV show.

Suarez was one of the best players in Europe in the 50s and 60s of the last century. He won the Golden Ball in 1960 as a Barcelona player and was among the top three more times. He won second place in the voting in 1961 and 1964, while he was third in 1965 when Portuguese Eusebio and Italian Giacinto Facchetti were ahead of him.

He played in Barcelona from 1955 to 1961 and won two Spanish titles and two Copa del Ray's. Then, as the most expensive football player in the world, he transferred to Inter in a transfer worth 142,000 euros and played there for nine years, and ended his career in Sampdoria.


The legendary Spaniard believes what most people in the world of football believe: Robert Lewandowski deserved the Golden Ball. Especially since it seems that last year that award was "stolen" from him when Frans Football only decided not to vote because of the pandemic.

Obviously, most football fans agree with him, and they think that Lewandowski is the one who deserved the Golden Ball the most. It must be admitted that this time the nuances will decide because many players in this selection are close in quality.

Of course, Lewandowski had perhaps the best season, but he missed the Champions League trophy, with which he would almost certainly be the main favorite. Thus, the race is still uncertain, and many players are waiting for their chance.

This will be the most interesting Golden Ball award in the last couple of years since no one has a big advantage. Today Lewandowski is pheraps the best player in the world, and Bayern Munich is one of the favourite for the UEFA Champions League final wins.