Antonio Conte wants to achieve victory in his debut

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Antonio Conte wants to achieve victory in his debut

Tottenham's management decided once again to make a radical move. After the defeat by Manchester United in the Premier League, they relieved Nuno Espirito Santo of his duties and put a great wish this year in the position of the head of the profession - Antonio Conte.

The Italian will make his debut on the bench of the London team in front of his fans, against the team that pushed his predecessor towards the exit door - Vitesse The Italian refused to take over Spurs during the summer after he received a nice compensation from Milan's Inter for the early termination of cooperation after winning the Serie A title.

in the north of the English capital. In the meantime, he seems to have rested well and prepared for new challenges. And there will be with Spurs. The first is Vitesse, who marked the beginning of the end for Espirito Santo on the Spurs bench with a triumph two weeks ago in Arnhem.

In the Conference League, the Portuguese mostly gave a chance to young people and players from the shadows. In the Netherlands, it was a pretty good team, which in the end suffered its first defeat in the third-class competition under the auspices of UEFA.

And not only did Tottenham end up on their knees, but they were in a subordinate position for most of the match. Tottenham players then suffered defeats from West Ham and Manchester United, so it was clear that the Portuguese would not be saved by a triumph over Burnley.


Now the team has been taken over by a man who is used to winning. As Cesc Fabregas once called him - a born winner. A man who won in every club he was in. With Bari Serie B, with Juventus three titles in Serie A. He was also the champion of England with Chelsea (he also won the FA Cup), and last season he conquered his homeland again, leading Milan's Inter.

It seems that his engagement is the last attempt of Daniel Levy to break the fast and wipe the dust from the club showcases. Before the meeting with the Dutch, captain Hugo Lloris pointed out that they must win. "We have great ambitions in this competition and we are not well positioned at the moment.

We have to win the next game. We have three more games left in the group stage, we want to be first and qualify for the next round." "To do that, we will have to provide a good game, but not only in this competition, but to start working with coach Antonio Conte in the right way."

"We don't have much time to prepare for the next two games, we have important months ahead of us and we want to go to the national team break in the best mood. "