Mourinho wants to trade in Madrid: Ceballos and Nacho are the first options

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Mourinho wants to trade in Madrid: Ceballos and Nacho are the first options

The beginning of the season did not give a true picture of Roma's possibilities. It was only in October that Jose Mourinho realized how thin Roma is, someone would say like fleece paper, and that the fight for the Scudetto this year is almost impossible It belongs to the domain of science fiction.

There is no wolf at the moment, neither that quality nor that depth. Jose Mourinho has to roll up his sleeves and get to work. Lazio and Milan used their flaws, Bode Glimt humiliated them in the Conference League. Since then, the stories about the title have stopped, or rather they ended there.

It is up to Jose Mourinho to return the Romans to the Champions League. It was unrealistic to expect more than that, but a great start in Serie A "ignited" the Romanists and fueled hopes for the Scudetto. They soon dried up.

And, in order for Roma to stay within zone four - currently holding fourth place - to be capable of something more, it will be necessary for them to clear the playing staff starting from the winter and start the reconstruction of all lines of the team.

Roma are preparing for the "winter revolution" Of the summer acquisitions, only Rui Patricio got a high rating, while the rest, including Tammy Abraham, could slowly pack up and start looking for a new environment if he does not start contributing more.

The Englishman will have more chances, he will not give it up so easily at the Olympics, because they cashed in 40,000,000 euros. Unless someone gets caught and Roma approximately manages to get the figure they invested.

Real Madrid players

Jose Mourinho is not satisfied with reinforcements, and the duo of Real Madrid have already scored for the winter.

The Roman club did not profit from Borja Mayoral's loan - the Spaniard made only two appearances in Serie A - but that will not prevent the leaders of Rome from sitting down with Real Madrid at the negotiating table again and asking for two more.

The Portuguese marked Dani Ceballos and Nacho Fernandez as targets. For now, it is not known whether Roma will try to bring the Blancos duo according to Mayoral's system - bringing on loan - or whether they will be explicit in their intention to buy the contracts.

Dani Ceballos is not in the plans of Carlo Ancelotti. Real Madrid wanted to get rid of his contract this summer as well, but all options failed. The central midfielder is bound by a contract with Real Madrid until 2023, at the Santiago Bernabeu they will not be hard negotiators, but the question is whether Dani Ceballos will want to go to Rome or will insist on returning to Betis It won't be that easy with Nacho Fernandez. Jose Mourinho is preparing the ground for hitting the foundations and the famous second season.