Tottenham Hotspurs hires manager Antonio Conte

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Tottenham Hotspurs hires manager Antonio Conte

After the official release with the exoneration of Nuno Espirito Santo and his staff after the knockout against Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspurs is about to sign the Italian manager Antonio Conte, who previously, in the English Premier League, had led the Chelsea to conquer the title.

The London club is very close to the agreement with Antonio Conte, who landed in London in the early afternoon and met Paratici to define the contract until 2023. According to Sky Sports Italy, Tottenham, after having sacked Nuno Espirito Santo following the 3-0 home defeat against Manchester United last Saturday, immediately started negotiations with the former Inter coach, who arrived in the English capital on the day on Monday to discuss the details of the agreement.

Conte had been in the sights of the Spurs also in the summer, but he had preferred to reject the technical-economic proposal of the north London team, also due to the probable departure of Harry Kane, who later remained with the Spurs.

Between Tottenham and Antonio Conte, the negotiation ended with the definition of the terms of Conte's contract: 18 months at a total figure that should be around 20 million pounds. Soon the official. Conte had accepted Abramovich's proposal in the summer of 2016.

The blues came from a disappointing season, which ended in 10th place, and the Russian patron had identified Conte as the right man to care for his team. In twelve months the blues went from tenth place to victory in the championship.

The following year, in the league, Chelsea will not repeat themselves, closing in 5th place in the Premier, but consoling themselves with another title: the FA Cup, won in the final against Manchester United. The balance of Conte's two years in England says this: 106 games, 2.12 points per match average, one Premier and one FA Cup won.

Charlotte Flair disagrees with the WWE creative team

After everything that has come out over the past two days, one thing in particular has caught everyone's attention: Charlotte Flair's unhappiness at having to deal with certain segments in a certain way.

Although it has been said that Queen had every intention of leaving the title of Raw champion to Bianca Belair during their last fight, she still seems to be unhappy with what she is being offered by the creative team. Fightful Select wrote: "There have been roster members who have challenged the notion that Charlotte," campaigned "To lose to Bianca Belair on Monday, even though she seemed okay with losing.

We were told that Charlotte was outspoken about creativity, regardless." The great thing about all of this is that as far as the offending segment of the belt swap at Friday Night SmackDown is concerned, Charlotte was worried about looking weak in the eyes of the fans so here too she expressed her opinion, but of course she wasn't listened to.

. The same thing happened to Becky Lynch, who instead, according to some sources: "She expressed her concern about whether she would do it, precisely to the writer / writer involved and to Sonya Deville." So practically it was understood that in WWE it is really difficult to collaborate all together, but there is always someone who has more power than you and does not listen to you, because very few people, Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker for example, have managed over the years to oppose certain creative decisions by being listened to.

After his dismissal, it turned out that Ric Flair disagreed with his daughter's booking in WWE, so he asked for the release, although the man denied: “How could I be mad at the company my daughter is currently in.

the most decorated fighter in history?"