Lionel Messi has to take a long break due to injury!

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Lionel Messi has to take a long break due to injury!

In fifteen games in all competitions, Paris Saint-Germain have only one defeat this season, they are the leader in League 1, the leader in the Champions League, but it is far from being just honey and milk in Princes' Park.

The news came over the weekend that the Saints could terminate the contract with Sergio Ramos. Although four months have passed since he arrived at the club, the Spanish defender has not yet made his debut for the Paris club, he has not yet healed the injury , so they are on the verge of patience in the camp of the French vice-champion.

But, that is not the end of the problems, because the Saints are struggling with the biggest star of the team - Lionel Messi. The Argentine ace felt muscle pain in training last Thursday, but Mauricio Pochettino took a risk and included him in the starting lineup for the match with Lille the next day, which was obviously not a smart move.

Messi finished the game at halftime, and according to L’Equipe, the Barcelona legend could miss the match against Leipzig due to the mentioned problem However, South American Infobae goes further and claims that Messi could miss the next few games.

The reason - knee pain (one of the reasons that L'Equipe states as possible for absence against Leipzig), caused exactly two months ago against Venezuela by the "bloody" start of Luis Martinez.


The same knee for which Pochettino replaced him against Lyon fifteen minutes before the end of the game.

Among other things, he complained about the pain against Lille. "After being hit in the left knee, Messi underwent magnetic resonance imaging this morning, which confirms the signs of bone contusion," it was written in the medical report published by Paris Saint-Germain after the testing.

Messi played all ninety minutes in the next two games for the national team, against Bolivia he even scored a hat-trick, but he obviously dragged the injury with him, which could be one of the reasons for weaker games in the Paris Saint-Germain jersey (without a goal in the League 1).

Therefore, Infobae points out, he decided to end the suffering and try to permanently heal the injury at the CEMTRO clinic in Madrid. The mentioned choice mentions that this clinic is well known to him because he healed a knee ligament injury in 2015 after the last Champions League trophy was won. It is certain that these are shocking news for PSG